1998 August 22 News Article – Father accused of murder shows girl’s photo to court

WEBSITE AUTHOR’S COMMENT: Thank you for your interest such that you have made it to this page. This is the first printed news article we have as Barton’s plight begins. By now you should know that Barton is the one who summoned police to return. Barton immediately identified Misook as the likely murderess of his … Read more

1998 June 17 – Misook Nowlin Transcript of Videotaped Police Interview

Bloomington Police Department Interview Note to readers:  The following is an actual transcript of the only videotaped interview between Misook Nowlin and Detective Wikoff of the Bloomington Police Department Detective.  A Police Narrative was written that is a summary of the conversation and if one were to compare the official Police Narrative of this interview, … Read more