1998 August 22 News Article – Father accused of murder shows girl’s photo to court

WEBSITE AUTHOR’S COMMENT: Thank you for your interest such that you have made it to this page. This is the first printed news article we have as Barton’s plight begins. By now you should know that Barton is the one who summoned police to return. Barton immediately identified Misook as the likely murderess of his daughter. Barton pointed out the holes in the screen which is why he asked police to return. Barton was asked by police how he thinks his daughter died. He lived in a small one bedroom apartment. He was in the living room either awake on his computer late at night or sleeping on the couch when his daughter was murdered. She obviously wasn’t killed by a gun or a knife. So when asked how he thinks she died he naturally assumed, as this is common sense, that she was smothered to death as it was a silent death. This was then used against Bart. That “he knew how she died” in advance of the autopsy finding. Furthermore the autopsy that was performed by the pathologist, Dr. Violette Hnlinica, showed signs of an enlarged vagina and anus. Not the size and circumference as a man’s penis as this would cause much more noticeable harm. But that perhaps the father was using an object or one of the digits of his hand. What father would do this to their 3-year old child? Not Bart! So despite their being NO PHYSICAL EVIDENCE putting Bart’s DNA, e.g. hair, semen, etc. between his and his daughter’s private organs, the State leveled the evil allegation that Barton had to have been the perpetrator. Never mind the fact that Misook had on one or two occasions sole access to Christina. So too did daycare givers, friends of the Tita McNeil’s, etc. As you read the sorrowful newspaper articles that followed Bart’s case from the beginning until the point he was handed a lifetime sentence one will note Bart’s unwavering insistence as to his story, timeline, innocence, and his ultimately knowing that his daughter died at the hands of the very capable Misook. Who was found ever so capable in the macabre death of Linda Wenlan Tyda 13 years later with many modus operandi parallels between the two cases. Both victims had come between Misook and her relationship with Barton, her boyfriend, and later husband, Don Wang. Seasoned homicide detectives live by one mantra: “There is no such thing as coincidence.” The Barton McNeil Story is the ultimate story of injustice in America and why the American Criminal Justice system is in need of great reform.

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