2003 January 18 News Article – Judge rejects new test request

WEBSITE AUTHOR’S NOTES: Barton knew he was innocent. So he kept trying to figure out ways to prove his innocence since his court appointed attorney Tracy Smith had failed him. He discovered there was a technique to better differentiate the hair found clutched in his daughter’s hands that was unlike Christina McNeil. If there was a definitive test that could prove that the hairs found in her hand that morning belonged to someone other than herself, then this would be a profound finding that could reverse the course of his wrongful conviction. In this hearing Barton is again representing himself and the presiding judge, the same judge who found him guilty and sentenced him to the maximum years allowed in 1999 and then again in 2002, was not going to allow it. Barton’s next big appeal, his 2005 Pro Se Motion for Post Conviction Relief, was now going to have to be his next step in regaining his freedom. That and hiring a good attorney which is another story yet to be told. If there is anything to be learned, when your efforts first fail, try, try again and always keep up the faith!

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