2014 August 28 News Article – McNeil Family Celebrates Small Victory With DNA Approval


BLOOMINGTON – A team, working to free a Bloomington man serving a long prison sentence for the alleged murder of his daughter is celebrating a small victory.

Earlier this month, the Illinois Innocence Project held a hearing in McLean County to bring new evidence into play for Barton McNeil. At the hearing, they asked for fingerprints found on the window screen, as well as the bed sheets and pillow cases to be tested for DNA evidence.

As we first told you Tuesday, the team learned that all except for a night shirt and underwear of McNeil’s daughter, Christina will be tested. The family agrees, it gives McNeil’s case for a new trial more legs.

“We think that any evidence that might have been found, DNA touch evidence, skin cells that were left on the night shirt or the underwear might have been extremely important and valuable,” said McNeil’s cousin Christopher Ross.

The defense team says new evidence against McNeil’s former girlfriend should be considered with the DNA evidence. The DNA testing should take about six to nine months to complete.

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