2003 January 18 News Article – Judge rejects new test request

WEBSITE AUTHOR’S NOTES: Barton knew he was innocent. So he kept trying to figure out ways to prove his innocence since his court appointed attorney Tracy Smith had failed him. He discovered there was a technique to better differentiate the hair found clutched in his daughter’s hands that was unlike Christina McNeil. If there was … Read more

2002 July 19 News Article – Child Killer’s new jail term 100 years

WEBSITE AUTHOR NOTES: As referenced in Barton’s lifetime sentencing article dated August 12, 1999, due to sentencing guidelines, Barton had to face the same judge who had sentenced him. Barton only received notice of this “resentencing hearing” a week before it was to take place with Barton being visited by his former attorney Tracy Smith. … Read more

1999 August 27 News Article – Death Officially Ruled a Homicide

WEBSITE AUTHOR NOTE: This is highly unusual and there really is no good explanation other than there appears to have been some issue back and forth between the State’s Attorneys office and the County Coroner’s office. It should be added that Dr. Violette Hnlinica, the pathologist employed by the County Coroner’s office that at the … Read more

1999 July 3 News Article – Pathologist: McNeil girl was molested

The autopsy showed possible signed of sexual abuse. Despite there being absolutely no physical evidence to show Barton had perpetrated such heinous and immoral acts against his very own daughter, prosecutors used this against him. With no charges ever being leveled against Barton relative to this kind of criminal misconduct. So great was this accusation … Read more