Misook Fails Polygraph Exam that asks 4 key questions regarding the evening of the murder

If you were to listen to Bloomington Police Detectives and McLean County Prosecutors involved in Barton’s case, they will say that Misook was never really considered a suspect. In fact just a few weeks after the murder, the lead detective on the case, Detective Larry Shepherd, testified to the Grand Jury that he had already … Read more

Bloomington Police Detectives remove victim’s window screen with the screen falling out of its frame due to gravity itself

Most, if not all, of Detective and Prosecutor’s belief in Barton’s guilt was due to their witnessing old cobwebs in the corners of the screen in which Barton claimed Misook Nowlin must have entered the bedroom in order to murder his daughter Christina.  Detectives even went so far as to testify under oath during Barton’s … Read more

1998 June 17 – Misook Nowlin Transcript of Videotaped Police Interview

Bloomington Police Department Interview Note to readers:  The following is an actual transcript of the only videotaped interview between Misook Nowlin and Detective Wikoff of the Bloomington Police Department Detective.  A Police Narrative was written that is a summary of the conversation and if one were to compare the official Police Narrative of this interview, … Read more