Reading Between the Lies. Bloomington Police Detective Larry Shepherd portrays Misook Nowlin as nonviolent despite his and other police and prosecutors knowing otherwise

Barton McNeil was arrested in less than 48 hours by Bloomington Police before a proper murder investigation could get underway. They even made the decision to arrest him before even interviewing the #1 suspect Barton had told police murdered his 3-year old daughter Christina, his ex-violent girlfriend Misook Nowlin with whom he had just broken up.

Within two week of Christina McNeil’s murder, a grand jury is convened with lead Detective Larry Shepherd declaring that he had already eliminated Misook as a suspect!

Yet it can be seen that in the weeks to come after making this statement, Misook would be given a polygraph exam by the Illinois State Police that she showed deceitful responses on questions such as whether she killed Christina, whether she knew who killed Christina, whether she was present at the time Christina was murdered, and if she knew how Christina was murdered.

Misook would be shown to have fainted in the Bloomington parking lot when told she needed to take a lie detector exam. Misook would also be shown to have been permitted to go home by Detective Shepherd so she could clean and sterilize her sexual aids later confiscated by him several days later and tested for DNA. Sexual aids she may have used on Christina.

At the time of Barton’s premature arrest, Misook’s closest friends were yet to be interviewed and later gave varying accounts as to their collective actions that night as to who drove to a local billiards hall.

As her investigation continued to unfold evidence showed that Misook had called her former husband the night of the murder seeking his acquiring a bag of marijuana so that Misook could plant it on him in order to “get him in trouble”. This was on account Barton that had just broken up with her was to give an victim impact statement prior to her sentencing in her unlawful restraint charge the previous year in which Misook physically restrained Barton with 2-year old Christina in his arms from leaving their shared apartment.

Less than 3 months after Barton’s premature arrest, Misook was arrested for FELONY CHILD ABUSE ASSAULT herself having physically beaten her own 8-year old daughter Michelle and pinching her nose shut, covering her mouth, and threatening her to behave or else she would die just like her sister [Christina] did.

See the below fascinating, true and stomach turning “Reading Between the Lies” excerpts from actual police reports written by lead Detective Larry Shepherd and see for yourself the mistruth’s he was willing to spin to further influence the wrongful prosecution of Barton McNeil. Also to deflect any potential prosecution of Misook whose true underlying relationship with him remains unknown to this day. All we do know is that in 2011, located under the glass of her Kim’s Sewing desk, was a business card showing Misook to be work as a Certified Massage Therapist using a business address separate from Kim’s Sewing…

Questions should now be asked with Linda Tyda now having to pay the ultimate price as to why so much cover was afforded Misook Nowlin by the Bloomington Police department both in the 1998 Christina McNeil murder as well as the subsequent 2011 strangling death of Linda Tyda. The disappearance and Murder of Linda Tyda was only solved due to the courageous acts of five private citizens who handed Misook over to police with the evidence they found on Misook having been the one to lure Linda to Bloomington on a silver platter. If not for their actions, Misook would still be free and able to kill again.

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