2011 September 14 News Article – Misook Wang murdered mother-in-law, buried body in state park

Misook Nowlin aka Misook Wang

A Bloomington woman is charged with three counts of murder and one count of concealment of a homicidal death of her mother-in-law.Misook Wang, 45, appeared in McLean County Court Tuesday afternoon and remains in McLean County Jail in lieu of posting $100,000.She is accused of strangling Wenlan Linda Tyda, 70, of Crest Hill in a Bloomington parking lot and burying her body in the Des Plaines Fish and Wildlife Park.  

First Assistant State’s Attorney Jane Foster said Wang and her husband were having marital problems. After a verbal confrontation with Tyda in Crest Hill, Foster said Wang made travel arrangements for her husband to be out of town Sept. 4 through Sept. 6. Wang then paid $20 to an employee of a local restaurant to call Tyda and offer her money to transport a client to a Chinese school in Chicago on Sept. 5, Foster said.

After Tyda was reported missing the following day, Crest Hill Police checked her cell phone records which indicated she had placed a call while in Bloomington.

Police in Bloomington then began interviewing family members, including Wang.

During an interview with Bloomington Police, detectives noticed several injuries to Wang’s arms and legs. A search warrant was issued for Wang’s home and business, Kim’s Sewing and Accessories. During that search, a garbage bag containing Tyda’s clothes and identification were discovered.

Foster said Tyda and Wang had an argument in the Cub Foods parking lot and also at Wang’s business in the 2400 block of E. Washington St. The argument turned physical at some point.

“The defendant admitted that she used both hands to apply pressure to the victim’s neck and choked the victim,” Foster said.

Tyda eventually died as a result of the struggle.

Foster said Wang hid Tyda’s body inside the business and drove Tyda’s vehicle to Chicago and abandoned it an airport. She took a bus back to Bloomington and put the body into a plastic storage container. According to Foster’s statement, Wang left the body in the business all day on Tuesday, Sept. 6. That evening, she drove to the Des Plaines state park and buried the victim.

After confronted with the evidence, Wang was transported to the park where she led investigators to the body on Sept. 13.

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