2000-2001 Barton McNeil’s Direct Appeal before the Appellate Court Fourth District seeking to reverse his wrongful conviction based upon the violation of his constitutional rights.

This is a very interesting read from beginning to end for those seeking to know more about the Barton McNeil case and how appeals in general works. A Direct Appeal can follow soon after one’s conviction. Barton was wrongfully convicted in July of 1999. This appeal was filed in 2000 with the Direct Appeal limited to any constitutional issues that were violated in the process of prosecutors obtaining a conviction. Only evidence that was made part of the official court record can be used in the pleading. For this appeal Barton was appointed an Appellate Defense Attorney to take up his appeal before the 4th Appellate District located in Springfield, Illinois.

This direct appeal shows repeated court appointed attorney incompetence. Why? As Barton was never consulted in advance of what the filing consisted of. Further it shows yet another court jurisdiction that failed to obtain justice for Barton and his daughter Christina despite many glossed over facts showing Misook to have murdered Christina. As both the lower 11th Judicial Court of McLean County, and the subsequent Appellate Court Fourth District also got it wrong, Misook was able to go onto kill Linda Tyda in 2011.

Hopefully this post and the information contained can serve as further education to future or current attorneys, a good number of which will later go onto become appointed or elected judges, to not get it wrong. To be able to spot the signs of what a wrongful conviction case looks like for when they encounter one. Thanks for taking the time to review.

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