2021 October Archiweekend SATIRE News Article – Misook Wang Murdered Her Mother-In-Law — Did She Kill Her Ex’s 3-Year-Old Child, Too?

SPECIAL NOTE FROM WEBMASTER: Barton’s story is now going far and wide with millions of persons now becoming made aware of it due to the NBC Universal Oxygen Network program that first aired in September 2021. The Snapped: Behind Bars S1 E2 episode featuring Misook Nowlin and Barton McNeil, besides being aired once or twice each month on the Oxygen Network, is now available on YouTube for rent, as well as is available on the Hayu.com subscription service that is popular in Europe and Asia.

The story has now gone wide enough that a satirical article was written about the macabre story despite its seriousness. At the time of this post the below satirical article had been viewed over 20,000 times and as the writer reported both Barton and Misook’s name right, and pretty much followed the storyline but with some whimsical insertions and authorship here and there, we think its overall a positive thing. Plus it is a good rendition of how farcical Misook and what she said during the episode actually is. One thing is for sure, the author definitely has a sense of humor. Just like Bart! So for those with too much time on your hands…. we hope you enjoy!

Misook Wang Murdered Her Mother-In-Law — Did She Kill Her Ex’s 3-Year-Old Child, Too?

Misook Wang is presently in jail for just one murder. But is it feasible she was accountable for killing someone else too?

On Sept. 5, 2011, Ray Tyda reported his 70-year-old wife, Linda Tyda, missing to police. Linda, a Chinese immigrant, labored being an interpreter and left early in the day hrs to satisfy a potential client in Bloomington, Illinois.

“She offered me a hug around the oral cavity and stated, ‘I’ll help you in a while,’” Ray told “Clicked: In Jail,” airing Saturdays at 8/7c on Archiweekend.

Ray and Linda’s boy, Don, and Don’s wife, Misook Wang, also apparently grew to become worried when Linda didn’t arrive home.

“Don attempted to determine what’s happening together with his mother, and perhaps somebody kidnapped her or something like that,” Misook told producers from your Illinois prison. “So I stated, ‘Oh, my god, I simply can’t sleep, I simply can’t eat.’ Just crazy. Every single day is crazy.”

Misook were built with a rough childhood in Columbia following her mother’s dying. There, she met her first husband, Andy Nowlin, a united states stationed there using the U.S. Army. She adopted him to america as he left in 1988. Right after, they married coupled with a daughter. But Misook felt the financial strain from the relationship. It required a toll on their own relationship.

“She only agreed to be so money-hungry,” Nowlin told producers. “I was working two full-time jobs, working 80 hrs per week, still it wasn’t enough.”

Nowlin soon discovered Misook was getting cheating having a coworker after ten years of marriage, the happy couple finally known as it quits.

Misook finished up obtaining a job being an interpreter, also it was there that they met her second husband, Don Wang. Misook converted in Korean, while Don converted in Mandarin. The pair glued over work and discussing different Asian cuisines. In 2003, they married.

Misook were built with a close-knit relationship with Don’s mother, Linda.

“Linda [was] much like my mother in my experience,” stated Misook. “She was nice in my experience and solved the problem out.”

After Ray contacted law enforcement around the evening of Sept. 5, 2011, investigators tracked Linda’s calls to some cell tower in Bloomington, where she was designed to satisfy the potential customer. Police centered on discovering who the mysterious client was.

A sensational break came 7 days after Linda’s disappearance whenever a Chinese-speaking waitress visited law enforcement. Based on the waitress, a properly-outfitted lady joined the Bloomington restaurant and compensated her $500 to create a call to Linda pretending to become a potential customer looking for a translator.

Home security camera footage confirmed the lady was Misook Wang, who made the request just one previous day Linda went missing.

Before beginning the very next day, Linda visited satisfy the client within the parking area of the supermarket. As proven within the surveillance video later pulled by investigators, Linda met Misook rather from the potential customer.

Both women exited their cars, along with a verbal altercation erupted. Misook attempted to prevent Linda from departing and pulled at her arm and purse. And the battle involved arrive at a boiling point, they all of a sudden stopped. The ladies got within their cars, also it was Linda who adopted Misook in her own vehicle. Misook brought her to her sewing and alterations business.

Considering the waitress’ statement and unearthed surveillance video, government bodies introduced Misook set for questioning. Meanwhile, investigators looked her sewing shop where they provided a surprising discovery: In the dumpster behind Misook’s shop were Linda’s cut-up identification and charge cards, along with the clothes Linda was last seen putting on when she disappeared.  

Misook came neat and confessed to killing her mother-in-law, but she claimed it had been self-defense. Inside a recorded interview with police, Misook stated Linda got between Misook and Don’s marriage. Misook also thought that Don was getting cheating with Linda’s assistant, an extramarital union supposedly approved by Linda.

“I seem like tricked,” Misook stated from in jail. “That moment I’ve been tricked. Personally i think like, you realize, [Linda] never explained what’s happening. Which I’d trust her like my very own mother.”

Misook’s make an effort to have Linda meet her under false pretenses would be a last-ditch effort to help keep her family together, Misook claimed. 

Misook eventually brought detectives to some nature preserve 70 miles from the shop, where she hidden Linda’s body.

While relaxing in jail and waiting for trial, Misook authored letters in Korean to relatives. Inside them, she accepted Linda were built with a existence insurance plan, which Don could have been the beneficiary. Misook believed she’d be titled to 1 / 2 of what Don inherited.

A jury found Misook responsible for first-degree murder. She was sentenced to 55 years imprisonment.

“I’ll most likely never forgive her for which she’s done,” Linda’s husband, Ray, told producers. “Whatever she got, she deserved.”

The press attention introduced restored interest to a different local situation from 1998: the murder of three-year-old Christina McNeil.

“I believe Misook was indeed the individual behind my daughter’s murder, just like I maintained since the first day,” Barton McNeil, who’s presently serving one hundred-year sentence for his daughter’s murder, told “Clicked: In Jail.”

Barton “Bart” McNeil may be the man Misook had cheating with while married to her first husband, Andy Newlin.

Around the morning of June 16, 1998, Bart stated he visited wake his daughter up for preschool as he tripped more than a fan and located her dead.  

With past bronchial asthma that needed past hospitalization with no apparent trauma towards the body, government bodies soon declared the three-year-old girl died of natural causes.

But Bart stated his mind stored coming back towards the fan around the bed room floor and just how it absolutely was firmly mounted within the window the night time before. He conducted their own analysis, which brought him towards the house’s exterior through the bed room window. He discovered plants have been walked on, there is a scuff mark underneath the window, and 2 holes have been decline in the screen where someone presumably unlatched the screen to obtain inside.

“This happens when I understood Christina have been murdered,” Bart told producers.

Bart known as 911 for that second time on that day, letting them know Christina’s dying would be a homicide and pleading investigators to come back. He told police that they have to take a look at his former lover, Misook Wang, then referred to as Misook Newlin. He stated he’d lately ended things with Misook following a tumultuous relationship that lasted 4 years.

Based on Bart, Misook were built with a violent streak. He claimed she frequently physically and verbally attacked Bart, leading neighbors to create several calls to 911.  Within the final incident, Misook allegedly pressed Bart as they was attempting to leave the apartment with Christina in the arms.

She was billed with domestic assault, and was because of be sentenced on Next Month, only one next day of Christina was discovered dead.

Bart had moved into their own apartment with Christina, but stated Misook stalked him within the days prior to Christina’s murder. He finally decided to meet her on June 15 in a restaurant.

In the restaurant, Misook screamed at Bart before storming off, as seen by a number of witnesses. When Bart later left center, Misook was relaxing in his vehicle, demanding that Bart get Christina.

“She’s like, ‘Let’s go get Christina, let’s go get Christina,’” Bart claimed. “I stated, ‘No, you aren’t coming beside me to visit get Christina.’”

Later your evening, around 10:30 p.m., Misook allegedly known as Bart’s apartment and requested where Christina was sleeping.

Then around night time, Bart stated he observed something strange.

“I was travelling to the restroom, and that i was walking beyond the bed room door, I heard a voice,” Bart told producers. “It spooked me for any minute since it seemed like Christina was speaking to somebody in her own bed room.”

As he checked on Christina, she was alone, but sitting up and smiling. By morning, Christina was dead.

Government bodies checked out Misook, who unsuccessful a polygraph test when asked about Christina’s dying. Misook also claimed that they spoke to her brother in Korea around 2 a.m., but phone records demonstrated no such call.

Bart pleaded with detectives to complete more, but he grew to become a suspect once the autopsy results returned and demonstrated indications of sexual abuse.

“This is a lot of crap,” a livid Bart stated to detectives inside a recorded interrogation. “This is my daughter.”

Autopsy results also place the duration of dying at 10:30 p.m., which contradicted Bart’s timeline.

Barton McNeil was charged with Christina’s murder.

Bart’s defense attorney attempted introducing Misook as a substitute suspect within the situation, however the judge barred any reference to Misook. In a bench trial, the judge found Bart responsible for first-degree murder and handed lower a existence sentence.

“When the guilty verdict was made, It seemed like my existence was over,” stated Bart. “It appears like I will serve the remainder of my existence imprisonment for something I did not do. And for the worst situation, my daughter’s killer’s not going to pay a problem for which ended to her. That’s what hurt probably the most.”

10 years later, Misook was billed with killing her mother-in-law, Linda Tyda.

Linda Tyda’s murder known as focus on Christina’s situation. Soon, the Illinois Innocence Project, amongst others, became a member of within the battle to free Barton McNeil.

A completely new take a look at Christina’s situation by Bart’s publish-conviction defense team cast doubt on Bart’s conviction.

New investigators did touch Paternity testing and determined that Misook’s DNA was on Christina’s bed and inside her pillowcase.

In addition, they reported the sciences formerly used to look for the duration of dying and proof of sexual assault were defunct practices. A brand new consider the medical examiner’s findings demonstrated that does not only did Christina die at any given time that matched Bart’s timeline, but there wasn’t any evidence Christina was sexually assaulted.

Bart’s defense team has filed a petition for any new trial, but there’s no timeline for any judge to come back a ruling.

Misook has not been billed with Christina McNeil’s murder and denies any wrongdoing.

“I’ve got nothing related to her, this situation,” Misook claims from your Illinois prison. “Anytime [Barton McNeil] want to speak to me, you realize, I’m able to speak with him about this.”

Misook is scheduled to be sold from prison in 2067.

Barton McNeil remains imprisonment today, where he hopes the court to rule in support of a brand new trial.

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