How to visit Barton in prison

Pinckneyville Correction Center. Note the Guard Tower. Expect to be watched!

Barton’s full time residence is the Pinckneyville Correctional Center. In order to visit Bart one must first arrange to be put on his visitation list. This is a process where the prison is going to want you to register and upload photo ID such as s driver’s license. After a few weeks you can then become approved to visit Bart. For questions regarding whether you are already on his list or need to get on his list and/or to arrange media interviews with Bart you may also write an e-mail to: This is Bart’s cousin Chris Ross and he can communicate with Barton to determine whether a person is already on the approved visitor list or best next steps.

Once a person is on the approved visitors list, then the following link that will show you how to look up Bart and to schedule a visit according the rules set forth during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Visits need to be scheduled at least one week in advance.

CLICK HERE to view a Google Map on where the prison is located. It is about a 3 hour drive from Bloomington, Illinois

Pinckneyville Correctional Center: (618) 357-9722 Inmate #: Barton McNeil K-75924

In essence there are four scheduled periods for visitation each day, with the first two reserved for those that have been fully vaccinated, and with the remaining two scheduled in the afternoon for those that are unvaccinated. If one visitor is vaccinated and the other is unvaccinated then the only option will be to visit Bart in the afternoon.

Recommend anyone with a scheduled visit arrive at least 1/2 hour in advance of the scheduled visitation time. While you are checking in they will then go get Bart and you will both meet in the visitation room with Bart usually already seated. There is a pexi-glass divider due to Covid-19, and all visitors and prisoners are required to wear masks during the visit. ILDOC will provide the surgical mask they want you to wear vs. bringing in your own.

When you arrive there is a guard in a little government car that will be watching you as will the guards in the tower. When you enter drive to the right and park toward the end of the parking lot. Cell phones must be left in your car.

A small locker will be provided to you that you can put your wallet in, etc., but no phones are allowed to be in the locker. Be sure to leave this in your car or you’ll be walking back out to your car!

Ask in advance when you check in if the vending machines are open and a vending card will a $10 or $20 balance will need to be purchased in advance of the visit. Usually the vending machines are only available for the two visitation periods in the morning in which visitors have been fully vaccinated (all prisoners have been vaccinated). While with Bart he cannot leave his chair and go to the wall of vending machines but guests can and retrieve a snack item for Bart. This is a rare treat for Bart, meaning cookies, candy, etc. so if available highly recommend a card with some denomination be purchased. Any balance on the card at the end of the visit cannot be refunded so spend whatever is on the card before you leave.

Each visitor is to produce two forms of ID. Usually a current driver’s license and a birth certificate or some other form of ID is fine. Usually even an ID and a credit card can suffice but bring whatever you can. The more the better. After checking in, you will be led to a room where they will pat you down. You will then go through a series of doors usually along with other visitors and finally be led into the room where Bart is located. If you wish to stand and stretch during the visit which is fine, please indicate to the guard what you want to do. You will find them usually fairly cordial to your requests.

Nothing can be brought to the prisoner. No writing pens, pencils or paper are allowed however the guards may sometimes be able to furnish a pad of some paper and a small golf pencil for writing notes.

Visitations are usually limited to 2 hours during the Covid-19 times and extend to 4 hours when visitation has been regularly restored.

Other rules are no muscle tees for men or stretch pants for women. No personal or prisoner names or prisoner ID numbers may be worn on any apparel items.

Inmate #: Barton McNeil K-75924
Pinckneyville Correctional Center: (618) 357-9722

5835 State Route 154​
Pinckneyville, IL 62274

To learn more about Pinckneyville Correction Center, visit the following link: