2005 September 28 – McNeil submits his self-authored Pro-Se Petition for Post Conviction Relief

The following is page one of Barton’s self-authored 2005 Pro-Se Petition for Post Conviction Relief. This is a prisoner’s most important appeal. As Bart felt he had been betrayed by his former McLean County assigned Public Defender, namely private practice attorney Tracy Smith, with whom Barton formally fired during the course of his 2002 re-sentencing hearing, Barton was left to author his own Petition. Immediately on Page One and throughout the rest of the well written Petition, Barton details how Misook was no doubt the true killer of his daughter Christina. However the appeal was assigned to the same Judge Michael Prall who was the same judge who found Barton guilty during the 1999 trial and is the same judge who agreed with the State’s Prosecutors to allow the State’s Motion in Limine to stand so that the words “Misook Nowlin” could not be uttered during Barton’s bench trial. According to the “Filed” date below of September 28, 2005, the ruling that the Petition was denied was ruled on in this same day. Bringing then to light how a 200+ page Post Conviction Petition could have been read and ruled on, all in the course of the same day in which this document was received by the Court. Note on Page One that Barton is already invoking the name of Misook Nowlin.

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