Barton McNeil Story featured in Men’s magazine Esquire in March/April 2024 issue

Go to the following URL to read the article written by journalist and documentary filmmaker Matthew Bremner. A fashion photographer was sent to Pinckneyville, Illinois, to do the first ever fashion photography shoot inside an Illinois prison.

The online version includes more photographs and an update on where the case now stands. Over 600,000 copies are printed each month and 14 million persons visit each month. Magazines are typically read by 4-5 other persons as they are located at auto dealerships and repair shops, hair salons, medical and dentist offices, libraries and attorney offices.

It is important to bring to the American public that wrongful convictions exist with more safeguards that need to be put into place so that prosecutors can’t game the system in order to gain a conviction at any cost. Team Bart applauds Hearst Magazines for doing that in order to change public policy you have to change the narrative. The Barton McNeil Wrongful Conviction Story has the power to do just that.

This was not the actual cover but Team Bart wishes it were! Below shows the actual cover of the March/April 2024 issue and the article as printed within the magazine.

The following is a download to the on-line version and how it appears.

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