Snapped: Behind Bars episode to be shown at Brown Ballroom II at the Bone Student Center Monday, November 6th, 6:30-8:00 pm.

In this made for television show that premiered on the Oxygen Network, Bloomington Illinois Convicted killer Misook Nowlin sits down to detail her mother-in-law’s strangulation murder that took place in 2011. In a twist never before seen on Snapped, Wang’s ex-lover Barton McNeil comes forward to discuss his 3-year old’s smothering daughter’s death thirteen years earlier in 1998, the reason he is behind bars. And why he has known Nowlin was involved all along.

Barton McNeil now aided with the Illinois Innocence Project and Exoneration Project located in Chicago has presented new evidence showing Misook’s touch DNA was found in his daughter’s deathbed. Other new evidence includes Misook having confessed to murdering Christina shared with her former husband Don Wang. Barton to have a rare 3rd Stage Evidentiary Hearing at the McLean County courthouse on Tuesday, November 21st open to the public. See many of the characters featured on the show live and in person testifying at the hearing you are welcome to attend. Please note that cell phones are not allowed within the courthouse.

See below link for a presentation that will take you from the beginning of time with the murder of Barton’s daughter 3-year old Christina McNeil, to the cliff hanging point the case is now at with Barton’s final 3rd Stage Evidentiary Hearing on November 21st just around the corner. See in person America’s worst ongoing case of wrongful conviction ever to take place. He knew she killed his daughter. 13 years later she killed again.

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