A place to watch September 2021 Snapped: Behind Bars episode featuring Misook Wang and her tie-in to the 1998 Barton and Christina McNeil murder case

For those that haven’t yet watched last year’s Snapped: Behind Bars season premiere here is a link you can use to watch it if you have a local cable network subscription. CLICK ANYWHERE IN THE WHITE BOX AREA. https://www.oxygen.com/sna…/season-1/episode-2/misook-wang EPISODE DISCRIPTION: S1 – E2 Misook Wang. Convicted killer Misook Wang sits down to detail her mother-in-law’s murder. In a twist never before seen on Snapped, Wang’s ex-lover comes forward to discuss his daughter’s death, the reason he is behind bars. And why he thinks Wang was involved.

Aired: 09/25/2021

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