2012 April 6 News Article – Supporters Rally around His Innocence, Ex-Girlfriend Court Date Set

Barton McNeil
By: Kim Behrens
Updated: April 6, 2012

BLOOMINGTON–Supporters of convicted murderer Barton McNeil say he’s one step closer to proving his innocence.

McNeil is convicted of smothering his three year old daughter to death in 1998 and is now serving a life sentence in prison.

But he says the killer is his ex-girlfriend Misook Wang.

Last fall Wang was charged with killing her mother in law.

Supporters believe Wang retaliated against McNeil and her ex-husband for ending relationships with her.

Last month detectives revisited McNeil’s case and found no new evidence to support that theory.

But supporters say the Downstate Innocence Project is changing that.

“They’re meeting with Bart at Menard prison and they’re going over the case,” said McNeil’s friend Chuck Nicholson.  “Also, the DNA lawyer that they have, he’s going to be retesting the DNA and also a new test on the sheets that wasn’t tested to begin with.”

Wang appeared in court for a pre-trial hearing today.

Her next court date is set for May 30th.


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