2012 March 14th – Detectives Revisit Convicted Murder’s Case

Source:  CiProud News
By: Kim Behrens
Updated: March 14, 2012
BLOOMINGTON–Despite a recent attempt by Bloomington police detectives to revisit the case of convicted murderer Barton McNeil, there’s no new evidence that would support his innocence.

McNeil is convicted of smothering his three year old daughter in 1998.

He’s now serving a life sentence in prison.

McNeil maintains it was his “then” girlfriend, Misook Wang who killed his daughter.

Last fall Wang was charged with killing her mother in law.

Police say that information was enough to give McNeil’s case a second look.

But the information still supports his verdict.

“We’ve contacted some of his supporters back here in the Bloomington area,” said Bloomington Police Public Information Officer Dave White.  “Some interviews were conducted with them and based on that information, still there’s no new leads to go on at this time.”

McNeil is also seeking help from the Downstate Innocence Project based at the University of Illinois at Springfield.

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