Bloomington Police Detectives remove victim’s window screen with the screen falling out of its frame due to gravity itself

Most, if not all, of Detective and Prosecutor’s belief in Barton’s guilt was due to their witnessing old cobwebs in the corners of the screen in which Barton claimed Misook Nowlin must have entered the bedroom in order to murder his daughter Christina.  Detectives even went so far as to testify under oath during Barton’s trial that the sill of the window had dust, and that the window screen itself was “secure” and in its rightful track position.  

Yet photographs show clearly that the lock was not in its correct position, that the screen was not in its rightful track, and as they planned early on to assert the window assembly itself as evidence, with cobwebs and all, even the Bloomington Detectives, upon returning the evening Barton requested their return, removed the entire screen window assembly.  

See attached video showing the Detectives removing the screen with the person shown on camera removing the screen lead Crime Scene Detective, Detective Thomas Sanders.  As the screen is being removed and tilted slightly the screen itself, and we are to believe based upon police statements used at his trial that the screen was inside its aluminum tracks, yet in the video it easily falls out on its track on its own! With Detective Sanders exclaiming “and the screen came loose. Damn it!”. The video shown is in direct conflict with the testimony this officer gave during Barton’s trial. In the video one can see that the screen is just only slightly tilted, and due to gravity alone, it falls out.  And in this unintended action, it took along with it any cobweb evidence the police hoped to preserve. In 2014 a spider web expert, Dr. Todd Blackledge, with the University of Akron and the Blackledge Lab, a renowned spider web expert, testified under oath that only a trained entomologist like himself, using specialized cameras and lighting, would know what kind of web strand(s) they were looking at. And furthermore that as the removal of the screen did not take place until the following evening, that a spider would have likely come out of hiding after the web had been disturbed during the course of murdering Christina and replacing the screen, in order to repair it. As this is what spiders have been doing for hundreds of millions of years. Furthermore that they are nocturnal insects.  Click the download to see this video  Removal of Screen Video

Bloomington Police Detective Thomas Sanders removes the bedroom screen window assembly

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