Bart’s new address

Barton McNeil K-75924


It will be necessary to change contact information for Bart, such as emails and donations. You can set up videos, emails, and credit for phone calls. He lives on a small allowance provided by his family for everyday necessities. It would be very much appreciated by his family for any donations to his welfare.  Moving to Pinckneyville is a good sign that he is now going to live in a medium secure facility rather than the maximum facility. We are steps closer to the Innocence Project final appeal for his freedom.


Business Mail:
5835 State Route 154
Pinckneyville, IL 62274

Inmate Mail:
Inmate Name & IDOC#
5835 State Route 154​
Pinckneyville, IL 62274 

Phone: (618) 357-9722
Fax: (618) 357-2083

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