Suspect Convictions host Scott Reeder receives a rare letter from Misook regarding Bart’s case

What is fascinating about this letter is that Misook purports that the time in which she had a “supposed” alibi (meaning supported by one of her best Korean born best friends Susi Kaiser, last reported living in Las Vegas) was between 10 pm and 11 pm.  A time that Barton has long maintained his daughter was alive and awake.  Bart repeatedly told investigators that he last heard and saw Christina awake shortly after midnight.  Prosecutors however used faulty forensic science to conclude that based upon gastronomic contents, that Christina died at a time in which the other lead suspect, Misook, “had an alibi”.  New forensic testing conducted by both of Bart’s innocence projects now confirm that the 10 pm to 11 pm conclusion was false with a more likely time post midnight.  Misook does not have an alibi beyond 11 pm.  So note the great weight she places upon the time period in which she had an alibi.  CLICK BELOW TO SEE LETTER

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