Assistant State’s Attorney Stephanie Wong Aids Misook Nowlin Wang Resulting in Linda Tyda Murder 13 Years Later


By Barton McNeil

Recently I was told how a local Bloomington, Illinois, reporter happened upon now-defense attorney Stephanie Wong, who back in the 1990s was a prosecutor during the tenure of McLean County State’s Attorney Charles Reynard. Because Stephanie Wong co-prosecuted me alongside McLean County First Assistant State’s Attorney Teena Griffin, the Bloomington reporter asked Stephanie Wong to weigh in on what everyone now recognizes as a cruel wrongful conviction of the worst sort, stemming from the 1998 killing of my daughter, Christina McNeil.

Dodging any personal responsibility for helping produce a wrongful conviction now in its 23rd year; any personal responsibility for the getaway of Christina’s otherwise-obvious killer; and any responsibility for Nowlin’s easily-foreseen later serial killings, the most recent being Nowlin’s 2011 Bloomington murder of mother-in-law Linda Tyda – Stephanie Wong according to the reporter instead claimed to have no memory of her intimate role in the Nowlin-friendly malicious effort at scapegoating Christina’s innocent father.

Stephanie Wong unable to recall the critical events that she was so central to, fortunately I remember in explicit detail those days as if they were just last week. Indeed, every day of my two decades behind bars have served as a stark reminder of the many reprehensible actions perpetrated by Stephanie Wong in her taking of my own life and liberty, and in denying any semblance of justice to my murdered child, ultimately costing the life of another innocent murder victim at the same fiendish hands of Misook Nowlin.

Given Stephanie Wong‘s claimed memory loss, I don’t mind doing her the favor of sharing with an interested public the answers to the Bloomington reporter’s recent inquiry regarding Wong’s direct involvement in a series of frightful injustices ongoing to this day. On the contrary, I’d welcome Stephanie Wong to correct any error of fact or mischaracterization of events as I distinctly remember them, should her self-serving amnesia abate after reading my own recollections. Perhaps my true account of events will jog Stephanie Wong’s memory thus granting her the opportunity to answer for what she did.

Some months prior to Christina’s murder, in late 1997 my then live-in girlfriend, Misook Nowlin, separated from but still married to husband Andy Nowlin, was arrested by Bloomington Police Department officers for a domestic violence offense. In physically preventing me from leaving our shared apartment, Misook Nowlin was charged with Unlawful Restraint, thus I the victim of her crime of domestic violence. Opting to take the case to trial, Misook Nowlin was tried (prosecuted) by none other than then-McLean County Assistant State’s Attorney Stephanie Wong herself and convicted (case # 97 CM 2016).

One might first ask, how could I not manage to leave the premises one way or another, even if I had to use force myself to get around Misook Nowlin’s physical restraining effort? Had I been alone, I could. But I could not safely get past Misook Nowlin because in my arms at the time was my two-year old daughter, Christina, then in my overnight custody. Far from Misook Nowlin merely restraining ME from leaving the scene, Nowlin restrained me from removing Christina from Nowlin’s threatening presence.

In point of fact, my custody of Christina that night was the very reason that Misook Nowlin was ultimately arrested. My effort to leave our apartment was to remove Christina from the unsafe presence of Misook Nowlin’s ongoing violent hostility, her anger resulting from my previously unscheduled custody of my daughter that night.

Without first “consulting” Misook Nowlin, I had agreed to take overnight custody of Christina at the request of her mother, my ex-wife Tita, so that Tita could earn some third shift overtime pay at the hospital where she worked. Enraged that arch-rival Tita had “forced” Christina’s otherwise unscheduled overnight custody on me, Misook Nowlin went to breaking household items in a violent tirade, first tossing the computer monitor on the floor, then breaking Christina’s Nebulizer machine (used for her asthma treatments).

Needing to remove my daughter from Misook Nowlin’s ongoing unhinged mania, Nowlin repeatedly blocked my path to the door, using her hands to push me back, thus physically restrained me from leaving the scene with Christina.

In Christina’s absence I could have easily made it past Misook Nowlin’s restraining effort, using some force myself if necessary. But with a fragile young child in my arms, that was not an option lest Misook Nowlin cause injury to my daughter in trying to prevent me fleeing the scene for Christina’s safety. Likewise, not an option was allowing Christina to remain in Misook Nowlin’s unsafe proximity – Christina’s mere presence the very source of Nowlin’s inflamed fury.

Short of setting Christina down and punching Misook Nowlin in the face in order to make our getaway – Nowlin certain to then ensure that I myself be arrested for domestic violence, I instead went for the telephone and called the police.


When the Bloomington Police Department patrol officers arrived in response to my 911 call, we were interviewed separately, it quickly becoming apparent to the responding officers that, like several prior similar domestic violence incidents not involving Christina, Misook Nowlin herself was the domestic violence aggressor. In explaining what had happened, I showed the officers the items that Misook Nowlin had damaged during her violent tirade. For her part, Misook Nowlin insisted on further feuding with me in the presence of the officers, which they would not allow.

As had been done before, to avoid further domestic strife the responding officers insisted that one of us would have to spend the night elsewhere, keeping us separated for the night, the police not otherwise intending to make an arrest.

Since I had a two-year old child in my custody that night while Christina’s mother worked the third shift at the hospital, the police officers decided that Misook Nowlin herself would be the one to leave our residence for the remainder of the night.

Livid at being “tossed out of her own home”, Misook Nowlin refused to leave the apartment and became combative with the officers. Accordingly, Misook Nowlin was handcuffed and carted off to jail, charged by Bloomington Police with Unlawful Restraint – for restraining my effort to leave the apartment with my daughter. – arrested by officers Lally and Winger.

Misook Nowlin today an obvious beastly psychopath if only in retrospect, the true events accurately described above in and of themselves are plenty enough for Nowlin to want Christina dead (and me framed for her murder, to which Stephanie Wong would greatly contribute).


Because Misook Nowlin was arrested for domestic violence that night, I was promptly notified by Stephanie Wong’s employer, the McLean County State’s Attorney’s office, perhaps notified by Wong herself, that Nowlin was barred from returning to the residence for the next 24 (of 48?) hours. Instead, Misook Nowlin’s bail was promptly posted by like-minded husband, Andy Nowlin, he then bringing Nowlin back to our shared apartment in violation of her bond prohibiting her return to the residence so soon after her arrest, Andy Nowlin himself then directing some threats to me – I having stolen his wife after all.

Also on the heels of Misook Nowlin’s arrest, I received form the McLean County State’s Attorney’s office, perhaps from Stephanie Wong herself, instructions on how to get an order-of-protection (restraining order) against Nowlin, myself as the victim of Nowlin’s domestic violence offense, which I foolishly opted not to pursue – not that it would have kept Nowlin from having her murderous revenge.


In an effort to maintain her relations with me, at my insistence Misook Nowlin attended weekly counseling sessions under Don Taylor at the McLean Coumty Center For Human Services throughout all of 1997, and later received domestic violence counseling with the AVERT program – a creation of Stephanie Wong’s own McLean County State’s Attorney office employer.

I myself accompanied Misook Nowlin to several of her counseling sessions, one with Don Taylor at the McLean County Center For Human Services. The dominant subject of the counseling event was Misook Nowlin’s jealous hostility to what she perceived to be my preferential deference to the needs of Christina, and by extension, to the needs of Christina’s mother, Tita, who Nowlin deemed her arch rival, to the detriment of Nowlin’s romantic relationship obsessions.


Represented by defense attorney Keith Davis, Misook Nowlin was told to expect to serve some jail time if taken to trial and convicted of the Unlawful Restraint domestic violence charge, Nowlin a kleptomaniac to boot, already on probation for a 1996 retail theft offense.

At Misook Nowlin’s request I accompanied her to her attorney’s office for Keith Davis to interview me as to what my testimony would be at her upcoming trial on the Unlawful Restraint charge. I explained that I would testify to events only as they had occurred, having previously denied Misook Nowlin’s request that I perjure myself on her behalf during my testimony – this being a long-overdue important lesson she needed to learn from.

Subsequently, I was soon subpoenaed by McLean County Assistant State’s Attorney Stephanie Wong herself to testify for the prosecution at Misook Nowlin’s 1998 trial on the above Unlawful Restraint charge, as a victim of Nowlin’s domestic violence and as Wong’s own “star prosecution witness”.

Beginning with the onset of Misook Nowlin’s destructive rampage, I truthfully testified for the State as to the events described above, central to my testimonial account the critical circumstance that the series of events directly involved Christina in my custody that night. After all, how else could I explain my inability to get past Misook Nowlin safely and out the door?

Far from being unable to bypass Misook Nowlin’s effort to restrain my departure were I alone, I testified that I called the police because Christina’s safety was in jeopardy during Nowlin’s destructive rampage, and that Nowlin’s effort to prevent me removing my daughter from the unhealthy scene posed an increasing threat to Christina’s safety.

Misook Nowlin’s domestic violence guilt or innocence hinging on whether she physically restrained me from leaving the scene, I testified that Nowlin had physically prevented my leaving the scene with Christina, in my attempt to remove us from Nowlin’s unstable presence, and that any effort to bypass Nowlin’s restraint may have resulted in injury to my daughter had I not called the police. Put simply, I testified that my call to the police that night was not out of concern for my own safety but was instead an effort to safely remove Christina from the scene of Misook Nowlin’s frenzied madness.

When cross-examined by defense attorney Keith Davis during Misook Nowlin’s Unlawful Restraint trial, Davis confronted me with Polaroid photos purporting to show bruises suffered by Nowlin. From the line of questioning, it was apparent that Keith Davis was trying to make the case that I was the origin of Misook Nowlin’s “injuries” during her domestic violence episode, somehow mitigating Nowlin’s unlawful restraint of me. The so-called “bruises” in the fuzzy Polaroid photos were barely discernable, couldn’t even be determined to be photos of Misook Nowlin, and lacked any indication of when the photos had been taken, or by who.

At no time during my relations with Misook Nowlin had she ever claimed that I had struck her, except perhaps during her own trial testimony during my courtroom absence – never mind the illogic of Nowlin restraining from leaving the scene he who had supposedly repeatedly struck her.

True to Misook Nowlin’s cunning criminal character, the Polaroid photo “evidence” was likely staged long after the domestic violence episode by Nowlin bruising herself (if indeed they were even photographed bruises), applying makeup, or by having cohort-husband Andy Nowlin produce the injuries, to be photographed for later presentation as defense “evidence” during Nowlin’s trial. Ultimately this Nowlin-manufactured concoction carried no weight with the judge.

Though I was not present for anyone else’s testimony during Misook Nowlin’s domestic violence trial, I’m quite certain that the account given by the Bloomington Police Department arresting officer did not deviate from my own testimony, or from my own account of events described herein. As for Misook Nowlin having testified in her own defense, presumably it included some fanciful Misook-as-victim tale in intended mitigation, of which the likely-staged photos were meant to serve.

Mosook Nowlin was found guilty of the Unlawful Restraint charge, Stephanie Wong having successfully prosecuted Nowlin for having physically prevented me from removing Christina from the scene of Nowlin’s fury during the course of my unscheduled custody of my daughter that night.

Here were the seeds of my daughter’s soon-to-follow murder likely planted. Misook Nowlin would be avenged, foremost at the cost of Christina’s life, but also by premeditated calculated design, at the expense of Christina’s own father (Nowlin’s estranged lover), and for that matter, at the expense of Christina’s mother, Nowlin’s longtime archrival – three for the price of one.


After several postponements, Misook Nowlin was scheduled to be sentenced at 2:30pm on June 17th, 1998, for the Unlawful Restraint conviction that Stephanie Wong had successfully rendered, Wong being a champion of domestic violence victims, right? The scheduled court hearing was also to revoke Nowlin’s probation (stemming from her recent theft conviction) at which Nowlin was expected to be slapped with some amount of jail time.

Early in June I received notice of the date of Misook Nowlin’s upcoming sentencing hearing, which included encouragement that I attend the court hearing to give victim-impact testimony against Nowlin, as her vindictive obsessions only intensified. As with the notice of Misook Nowlin’s prohibition from promptly returning to the residence following her domestic violence arrest, the instructions regarding obtaining an order-of-protection against Nowlin, and the subpoena for my trial testimony as Stephanie Wong’s domestic violence-victim witness – the invitation to give victim impact testimony against Nowlin at her June 17th sentencing hearing also came to me from Wong’s McLean County State’s Attorney employer, and may have been sent by Wong herself.

Misook Nowlin’s obsessive psychopathy increasingly evident as my child’s death neared, no amount of counselling had helped. Misook Nowlin now unable to maintain any pretense of normalcy, those she was closest to pouring gasoline on her mania, on June 15th I finally severed my relations with Nowlin once and for all during a tense evening confrontation at a local restaurant. The bitter breakup witnessed by restaurant patrons and staff, I informed Misook Nowlin that I would be in court to give victim impact testimony against her after all, at her upcoming sentencing hearing two days from now, which I hadn’t initially intended on doing.

Just a few hours following my ending my dysfunctional relations with my now-estranged former girlfriend, Christina was to die soon after midnight, the very day before Misook Nowlin was to be sentenced for the Unlawful Restraint charge that Stephanie Wong had successfully prosecuted. Court scheduled for June 17th, Misook Nowlin was expected to be sentenced to serve some time in jail for having unlawfully restrained me from removing Christina from Nowlin’s violent proximity – an event she blamed wholly on Christina’s presence then in my unscheduled custody.

For her part, no longer a champion of domestic violence victims, Stephanie Wong pivoted to become one of Misook Nowlin’s greatest assets in her fiendish scheme to have her revenge at the expense of Christina herself, her parents, and to frame me for Nowlin’s killing of my own child.

Still a McLean County Assistant State’s Attorney serving under Charles Reynard, upon hearing of Christina’s death Stephanie Wong surely recalled that the above true account of this domestic violence episode directly involving Christina herself was testimony that Wong herself elicited from me during Wong’s own recent prosecution of domestic-violence-aggressor Misook Nowlin, who Wong likely recognized at the time as of sinister character.


Initially upon finding my child lifeless in her bed when I awoke the next morning (June 16th) following last night’s bitter ending of my relations with Misook Nowlin, I was too distraught to suspect Christina’s death to be a result of foul play, last night’s break-up drama with Nowlin the furthest thing from my mind. Stephanie Wong’s prosecution of the Unlawful Restraint charge was seemingly ancient history, notwithstanding the event’s involvement of Christina – Nowlin’s sentencing hearing scheduled for the very next day now the least of my concerns.

Not until later in the day when my thoughts started to clear did I begin to consider the suspicious timing of Christina’s death, bracketed by my bitter breakup with my unstable now-former girlfriend just last night, and tomorrow’s sentencing of Misook Nowlin at which Stephanie Wong was expected to seek jail time for the domestic violence charge that Wong herself had prosecuted – over what ultimately stemmed from a feud between Nowlin’s relationship obsessions verses the childcare needs of Christina’s mother, Nowlin’s 3-year arch rival, with Christina herself caught right in the middle. The timing of Chrisrtna’s death hardly a coincidence, I feared.

Soon to discover the tampered-with state of Christina’s open ground floor bedroom window, it was clearly apparent to me that last night’s damage to the bedroom window was directly related to my daughter’s overnight sudden death. Far from passing peacefully in her sleep, Christina had obviously died at the hands of a late-night intruder. Click HERE to see crime scene photos taken the morning and evening of June 16th showing the severely tampered condition of Christina’s bedroom window.

In an instant the high-drama Misook-related events above flooded my memory, of which Stephanie Wong herself was a prominent figure. Misook Nowlin might as well have left behind a signed confession, it now transparently obvious that she was behind my child’s now-obvious murder.

Stephanie Wong bears no responsibility for Misook Nowlin’s murder of Christina. Serial killers need little motive to carry out their heinous savagery. Maybe my breakup with Misook Nowlin last night put her over the edge. Or perhaps she killed Christina in order to keep secret the identity of molesters, likely Misook Nowlin herself, and others who Nowlin may have shared my daughter with, conforming to the later claims of prosecutors (which included Stephanie Wong herself) that my daughter had also been a victim of sexual abuse.

Indeed, prosecutors Teena Griffin and Stephanie Wong themselves argued that Christina ‘s killing was intended to keep secret the existence of recent sexual abuse and keep secret the identity of the perpetrator(s). As such, were Misook Nowlin the sex abuser and/or the facilitator of such to others in her depraved sphere, say, Andy Nowlin for example who Christina was inexplicably fearful of, the Griffin/Wong murder-motive theory would be more applicable to Misook Nowlin, Christina’s otherwise obvious killer, then it would ever be to me. After all, wouldn’t a child-murdering serial killer be expected to be a child rapist too?

Maybe Misook Nowlin was driven by multiple motives, her killing of my daughter long premeditated. But foremost, Misook Nowlin’s murder of Christina was motivated by Nowlin’s domestic violence arrest and Unlawful Restraint conviction rendered by McLean County Assistant State’s Attorney Stephanie Wong who was expected to seek a jail term at Nowlin’s sentencing hearing scheduled for the very day after Chistina’s killing. Put another way, likely planning to murder for some time, revenge was likely Misook Nowlin’s primary motive – revenge against me for breaking up her marriage and then leaving her out of concern for Christina’s safety, revenge against Christina’s mother who Nowlin believed weaponized Christina’s childcare needs against Nowlin, Tita Nowlin’s arch rival in any event, and revenge against Christina herself who Nowlin blamed on her arrest, conviction and likelihood of incarceration.

Under ordinary truth-and-justice circumstances McLean County Assistant State’s Attorney Stephanie Wong would have been ideally suited to prosecuting Christina’s real killer(s), Misook Nowlin’s child-murder guilt more obvious to Wong than anyone, Nowlin’s loathsome psychopathy on full display during Wong’s recent domestic violence prosecution of her. Christina’s killing intrinsically related to, if not solely motivated by Misook Nowlin’s domestic violence charge and conviction that Stephanie Wong herself prosecuted, the murder occurring the very day before the scheduled courtroom presence of Wong and Nowlin for the sentencing hearing regarding a domestic violence offense that Wong knew stemmed from Nowlin restraining my removal of Christina from Nowlin’s violent presence – Wong could have successfully prosecuted child-killer Nowlin ten times over with her eyes closed, with my testimony alone.

For that matter, were my child’s true killer tried by some other prosecutor in the McLean County State’s Attorney’s office, Stephanie Wong would have made an ideal prosecution witness with front-row familiarity with Misook Nowlin’s recent domestic violence conviction for an Unlawful Restraint offense directly involving Christina herself, and obviously related to Christina’s conspicuoisly-timed murder, that Wong herself had recently rendered Nowlin’s conviction for.


As I awaited the return of Bloomington Police detectives who I myself repeatedly called back to the scene upon my discovery of last night’s intruder-related damage to Christina’s ground floor bedroom window, Misook Nowlin’s child-murder getaway didn’t seem remotely possible. The idea that Misook Nowlin’s very intent in killing Christina had to frame me for it hadn’t even crossed my mind.

Less likely even than Misook Nowlin escaping responsibility for killing my daughter was any cruel notion that Stephanie Wong herself would abet Nowlin’s child-murder getaway, Nowlin’s guilt patently obvious to Wong as Nowlin’s recent domestic violence prosecutor over the Unlawful Restraint offense that Wong knew the now-dead Christina was at the center of.

Less likely still was any abhorrent notion that I myself would be charged with my own child’s killing, and that Stephanie Wong would co-lead this wicked injustice (alongside McLean County First Assistant State’s Attorney Teena Griffin).

Every statement I made to the police was in the true context in which Christina was murdered, and in the context of my easy recognition of Misook Nowlin’s involvement in my child’s killing. To whatever I said or did that was said to cast suspicion upon me (I still uncertain what it could’ve been), none of it carried more weight than the indisputable Misook Nowlin-related facts and circumstances consistent with Nowlin’s child-murder guilt, the full account beyond the scope herein.


There is no indication that Stephanie Wong ever tried to direct the attention of State’s Attorney Charles Reynard, his Fisrt Assistant Teena Griffin, or anyone on the Bloomington Police Department towards Christina’s true killer, despite Wong’s certain early awareness that domestic-violence-convictee Misook Nowlin was behind Christina’s killing, even if some plausible justification later arose to believe otherwise (none did).

On the contrary, like Jekyll and Hyde, McLean County Assistant State’s Attorney Stephanie Wong pivoted from domestic violence victims’ advocate, to fellow scapegoating railroader of Christina’s own father, who, up until the day before Nowlin’s killing of Christina, Wong had advocated on behalf of regarding Nowlin’s violent effort to prevent my removal of my soon-to-be-murdered daughter from Nowlin’s inflamed presence. Ultimately, Misook Nowlin’s serial-killing getaway was abetted by Stephanie Wong herself.

Now in jail awaiting my one-sided trial, as weeks and months passed and I learned more about the Nowlin-related circumstance of the killing of my daughter, so too was it increasingly evident to me just how much of Nowlin’s child-murder involvement was also known to Bloomington Police personnel and to the McLean County State’s Attorney’s office alike. Instead of masking Misook Nowlin’s child-murder guilt in order I be railroaded right into a wrongful conviction, a loathsome intent in its own right – it seemed instead that my own head was being put on the chopping block to advance some larger fiendish goal in the service of Misook Nowlin (or like-minded persons Nowlin served?) – for reasons that I could not remotely fathom at the time, in either scenario.

While “the buck stops” with then-McLean County State’s Attorney Charles Reynard, and while leading the Misook Nowlin-friendly railroading of Christina’s father rather than prosecuting her obvious killer was First Assistant State’s Attorney Teena Griffin with Assistant State’s Attorney Stephanie Wong directly participating in this wicked injustice as Griffin’s co-prosecuting confederate. Hardly an unforeseen consequence, their prosecution of me rather than Christina’s real killer directly led to Misook Nowlin’s subsequent Bloomington serial killing of her mother-in-law, Linda Tyda, also. This murder taking place while I myself a victim of the still-ongoing effort to take my own life via a wrongful conviction sentence of “death-by-prison” given my current 100-year sentence at the hands of the unholy prosecutorial railroading Reynard/Griffin/Wong trio. Murder under color of law is not justice. It is still murder.


Despite Stephanie Wong’s initial intent to seek jail time at Misook Nowlin’s long-scheduled June 17th sentencing hearing over a domestic violence offense that Christina herself was at the center of, instead, immediately upon Christina’s death just the day before – Wong’s first order of business was to get postponed Nowlin’s sentencing hearing regarding the Unlawful Restraint conviction that Wong had successfully prosecuted Nowlin for.

Now, rather than my planned victim impact testimony against Misook Nowlin that Stephanie Wong herself had invited me to give at Nowlin’s sentencing hearing regarding the increasing threat that Nowlin posed to me, to Christina, and to Christina’s mother following Nowlin’s domestic violence conviction for unlawfully restraining my effort to remove my daughter from Nowlin’s violent presence (especially now that I ended my relations with Nowlin the very night before), I myself was instead being arrested for Nowlin’s killing of my child, while, thanks largely to Wong herself, child-killer Nowlin got away Scott free, only to kill again.

McLean County Assistant State’s Attorney Stephanie Wong was successful in having Misook Nowlin’s domestic violence conviction sentencing hearing postponed and rescheduled from its original June 17th date to some six or eight weeks later, thus far removing its otherwise telling date from the conspicuous timing of Christina’s murder just yesterday – the murder preceding the previously-long-scheduled June 17th sentencing date by a single day.

When Misook Nowlin was finally sentenced some six or so weeks later for Nowlin’s domestic violence conviction after Stephanie Wong had secured the hearing’s postponement at the last (conspicuous) minute, the offense directly involving the now-dead Christina as Wong well knew – rather than Wong seeking the domestic violence jail time that Nowlin was expecting, Nowlin instead received a mere slap on the wrist. It goes without saying that, my victim impact testimony once sought by Stephanie Wong herself for Misook Nowlin’s originally-scheduled sentencing hearing was now the very last thing anyone in the Charles Reynard’s State’s Attorney’s office wanted heard in public. After all, Misook Nowlin serving a jail sentence initially expected to be imposed during an originally-scheduled hearing that Christina’s murder preceded by a single day, for a domestic violence offense of which I was Nowlin’s victim (directly involving my now-murdered daughter no less) while I myself inexplicably was charged with Christina’s murder, were not the visuals the Reynard/Griffin/Wong cabal wanted the public to see were anyone paying attention. On the contrary, such a revelatory juxtaposition would be starkly contrary to the Nowlin-friendly interests of the State’s Attorney’s office bent on railroading Christina’s father into a wrongful conviction, an effort at the center of which was Nowlin’s seeming best pal, Stephanie Wong.

As per Stephanie Wong’s new-found slap-on-the-wrist intent reset, Misook Nowlin’s domestic violence conviction was to result in a sentence of mere “community service” volunteer work at the Salvation Army thrift shop, it being a whole lot less conspicuous than a jail term to anyone who happened to closely follow events intrinsically related to Christina’s murder, and my looming wrongful conviction. I didn’t even learn the details of Misook Nowlin’s domestic violence final sentence until some months later still.

Rather than the harsher (jail) sentence that Misook Nowlin herself and her attorney Keith Davis expected McLean County Assistant State’s Attorney Stephanie Wong to seek over Nowlin’s Unlawful Restraint conviction, following Christina’ murder Wong instead wanted Nowlin’s final sentence to render as little attention as possible, quietly served at the Salvation Army’ thrift shop, Nowlin’s killing of my child thus further masked.


Hardly an unpredictable turn of events, some weeks into serving her slap-on-the-wrist domestic violence “community service” sentence at the Salvation Army thrift store, Misook Nowlin was arrested again. No doubt with the utmost reluctance on the part of the Nowlin-friendly Bloomington Police Department and the McLean County State’s Attorney’s office led by Charles Reynard, Misook Nowlin was hit with a child-abuse domestic battery charge for beating her own 8-year old daughter, Michelle Nowlin, about the pelvic area with a thick wooden rod, the arrest essentially forced upon the local authorities by the Illinois Department of Children and Family Services after being alerted to the abuse by Michelle Nowlin’s Heyworth grade school principal, Aissa Frasier.

Under normal circumstances, because Misook Nowlin was currently on probation not even having completed serving her sentence for the domestic violence Unlawful Restraint conviction, because Nowlin battered a child, and because Nowlin had employed a weapon consisting of a wood paper towel dowel against daughter Michelle Nowlin, Misook Nowlin could have been charged with a far more serious felony offense, say, Aggravated Battery of a child, thus faced a far higher bond and a stiffer penalty upon conviction.

It may be worth noting also that the injuries suffered by Michelle Nowlin resulting from Misook Nowlin’s wielding of the wooden weapon were confined to the child’s pelvic and inner thigh region, perhaps suggestive that the assault may have had a hideous sexual character to it, not unlike how prosecutors (including Stephanie Wong) tried to characterize the killing of Christina too.  The incident described by the victim Michelle also involved Misook having cupped her hand over her daughter’s mouth, pinched her nose shut and told her that “she needed to behave or the same thing that happened to her sister would happen to her”.  The foregoing highlighted sentence in bold lettering taken right from Principal Aissa Frasier’s court testimony in Misook’s Pretrial Hearing that took place on the same month I had a Hearing to counter the Motion in Limine to prevent me from uttering the name Misook or referencing her in any way during my pending trial. Testimony that is exculpatory at its core and relevant to my case but was denied me and my attorney from presenting as evidence. This is known as a Brady Violation as prosecutors have a duty according to the Supreme Court to turn over anything whether incriminatory or exculpatory to the defense. I did not get Aissa Frazier’s court testimony until 2013.  True to Charles Reynard’s State’s Attorney’s office’s Misook Nowlin-friendly obsession of downplaying all facts and circumstances relating to Nowlin’s killing of my daughter, Nowlin was only charged for her child- abuse beating of her daughter with simple Battery (McLean County case 98 CF 963).

Hardly surprising, the Bloomington Police detective most responsible for Misook Nowlin’s child-murder getaway at my expense, Larry Shepherd, was also tasked with “investigating” the case of Misook Nowlin’s recent frenzied savagery upon her own daughter, Michelle Nowlin. Likewise, while a different McLean County assistant State’s Attorney was assigned to Misook Nowlin’s latest domestic violence child abuse battery case, police reports, DCFS records, and court files note the behind-the-scenes manipulative presence of fellow railroading comraderies Teena Griffin and Stephanie Wong – their lurking influence contaminating the case with their Nowlin-friendly agenda. Indeed, much effort was put forth in attempting to get Michelle Nowlin to recant her allegations against her mother, particularly regarding the smothering assault and accompanying threat to kill Michelle she told her principal, largely mirroring the circumstances of Christina’s death.  It is worthy to note that in Christina’s autopsy she shows signs of bruising around her mouth and suffered a bloody nose like due to her nose having been pinched shut.

Incredibly, the local authorities themselves practically blamed child-victim Michelle Nowlin’s “misbehavior” for her mother’s recent most child abuse offense. Another slap-on-the-wrist, Misook Nowlin skated again with a mere $100 bond and a minor simple battery charge, despite Nowlin’s ongoing central presence in a child-murder investigation, and despite the latest domestic violence child abuse occurring while Nowlin was in the early midst of serving her sentence for the domestic violence Unlawful Restraint conviction that Stephanie Wong herself had successfully prosecuted.


Resulting from Misook Nowlin’s latest child abuse case came the revelation that, while serving her slap-on-the-wrist “community service” sentence at the Salvation Army thrift store stemming from her prior domestic violence (Unlawful Restraint) conviction produced by prosecutor Stephanie Wong, Nowlin discovered the thrift store’s presence of Christina’s deathbed, which Nowlin herself had purchased new three years earlier when we first shared an apartment and I subsequently brought to my new apartment when we separated.

As it happened, when clearing out my apartment following my arrest, landlord Wayne Downen had donated all of my unclaimed furniture to the Salvation Army thrift store, which included the very bed that my daughter had recently been killed upon.

According to DCFS investigative reports regarding Misook Nowlin’s latest child abuse case, Michelle Nowlin claimed her parents had retrieved Christina’s deathbed from the Salvation Army’s thrift store – an incredible claim until it was confirmed that my landlord had indeed donated the bed from my apartment to the Salvation Army thrift shop. On Misook Nowlin’s behalf, like-minded Andy Nowlin picked up Christina’s deathbed from the thrift store at which Misook Nowlin was serving her “community service” sentence over a domestic violence offense conviction directly involving Christina herself some months earlier. Delivered to Misook Nowlin’s apartment by fellow cohort Andy Nowlin, this no doubt was the Nowlin’s well-deserved trophy – a reward for getting clean away with killing my daughter, which Stephanie Wong helped the Nowlin’s earn.

From Bloomington Police reports and DCFS records it was obvious that, like Michelle Nowlin’s smothering allegations against her mother, manipulative prosecutorial influence was employed throughout in an effort to downplay the incriminating character of the Nowlin parents’ joint retrieval from the Salvation Army’s thrift shop of the very bed that Christina had been murdered upon weeks earlier. A testament to the true identity of Christina’s killer(s), this macabre child murder trophy essentially rendered to the Nowlins by Stephanie Wong herself, the thrift shop’s presence of the deathbed being the result of the “community service” part of Misook Nowlin’s slap-on-the-wrist sentence for a domestic violence charge that began with Nowlin’s illegal restraint of my effort to remove Christina from Nowlin’s vicinity. Again, Stephanie Wong herself prosecuted this very case. Christina’s deathbed was brought up during Scott Reeder’s podcast Suspect Convictions and I wrote the following to his listeners as providing more details. Click here to read it

By this time, September 1998, there is nothing more Misook Nowlin could have done to make her involvement in Christina’s death more transparently self-evident. While I wanted to believe that McLean County State’s Attorney office collaborators Charles Reynard, Teena Griffin, and Stephanie Wong were merely honestly mistaken in prosecuting me instead of my child’s true killer, but were otherwise acting in good faith (notwithstanding a lack of any meaningful evidence against me) – their certain collective awareness of Nowlin’s child murder guilt could no longer be plausibly denied.

Once I learned the above details of Misook Nowlin’s latest child abuse attack upon her own daughter and was able to study police reports and documents relating thereto, Stephanie Wong and her fellow-travelling colleagues could not maintain any further pretense of ignorance. Misook Nowlin’s child murder guilt was now too manifestly palpable to police and prosecutors themselves, in the unlikely event that it hadn’t been all along. Put another way, Misook Nowlin’s direct involvement in the killing of my daughter was better known to the railroading trio of Charles Reynard, Teena Griffin, and Stephanie Wong than it was known to me – as then-apparent to them then as it is to the current holders of those positions of authority.


Worse even than Stephanie Wong’s central role in wrongfully convicting Christina’s innocent father, Wong was instrumental in helping her fellow prosecutors abet an indisputable psychotic child killer, while they, like me, easily foresaw Christina’s killer moving on to eventually kill again – which indeed she did.

This time Misook Nowlin committed the Bloomington murder of her husband’s mother, Linda Tyda. Misook Nowlin’s latest murder makes her an outright (child-murdering) genuine serial killer, that is, if she wasn’t already a serial killer long before she got around to killing my daughter, which now seems likely.

Though Misook Nowlin was charged in September 1998 with beating her daughter, Michelle, while Misook Nowlin still the dominant name appearing on all the Bloomington Police investigative reports at the time regarding Christina’s murder, and while Misook Nowlin then on probation for the above prior Unlawful Restraint domestic violence conviction – the State’s Attorney’s office headed by Charles Reynard was in no hurry to actually prosecute Nowlin’s latest domestic violence child abuse charge. On the contrary, Charles Reynard dragged his feet on Misook Nowlin’s child battery prosecution for the next eleven months, to ensure that Nowlin was not tried (and sentenced) until AFTER the Reynard/Griffin/Wong trio had successfully rendered my wrongful conviction in July 1999, for reasons that by now should be obvious.

Had there instead been any public notice of the fact that Misook Nowlin had just been convicted of a serious child abuse charge (accompanied by Michelle Nowlin’s smothering allegations and the Nowlin parents’ acquisition of their deathbed “trophy”) while Nowlin’s estranged boyfriend (me) was then awaiting trial for the murder of Nowlin’s recent 3-year acting stepdaughter (Christina), Nowlin’s own child-murder guilt would have been much harder for Charles Reynard and his underlings, Teena Griffin and Stephanie Wong, to keep under wraps – their year-long single minded obsession from where I sat.


In my court case in the mean time, Stephanie Wong’s odious Misook Nowlin-friendly presence became most obvious in January 1999 when Wong herself filed with the court a motion to suppress from my trial defense any facts and circumstances relating to Nowlin’s involvement in Christina’s killing. While Stephanie Wong’s motion to suppress only specified a few token Nowlin-related circumstances, Wong’s concealment-of-truth effort was intended to bar any defense presentation Nowlin’s overwhelming connection to Christina’s murder.

An unjust scheme no doubt on behalf of Charles Reynard and Teena Griffin, Stephanie Wong’s truth-concealment effort was meant to render the identity of Christina’s killer unto me, by default, by virtue of my custody her that night alone – and to prohibit any presentation of evidence in my defense consistent with actual innocence. As such, I would be barred from contesting the charge that I was the killer of Christina.

More to the point, Stephanie Wong’s motion to suppress was cunningly crafted to prohibit my employment of evidence at the expense of Christina’s true killer.

As per calculated intent, the facts and circumstances Assistant State’s Attorney Stephanie Wong successfully had suppressed from my one-sided trial would include Wong’s own recent prosecution and conviction of Misook Nowlin for the above domestic violence Unlawful Restraint event that Wong had personal insider-knowledge involved Christina, and knew perfectly well directly related to the killing of my daughter… by Nowlin.

Likewise also suppressed was Misook Nowlin’s then-pending domestic violence child-battery charges and soon-to-be conviction which also involved smothering allegations made by child-victim Michelle Nowlin, and the Nowlin parents’ retrieval of the very bed Christina was killed upon.

Perhaps the most striking of the many circumstances in recognition of the identity of my child’s killer, it’s worth repeating that Christina was killed (June 16th) the very day before Misook Nowlin and Stephanie Wong were long-scheduled to be in court (June 17th) for Nowlin’s domestic violence sentencing hearing – at which Wong was expected to seek a sentence of some jail time with the help of my own victim impact testimony that Wong herself had invited me to give. Successfully prosecuted by Stephanie Wong herself, Wong knew from trial testimony she elicited from me, that Christina was who Nowlin unlawfully restrained me from removing from Nowlin’s violent presence.

Christina was killed while in my custody when prosecutors successfully removed her murder from the high-drama true Misook Nowlin-related context that it had occurred, a false narrative was created out of thin air whereby I just one day decided out of the blue to kill my own child, the fact of my custody (along with the falsely-claimed absence of any other patently obvious suspect) the sole basis of my manufactured guilty-by-default soon-to-be wrongful conviction.

Moreover, Stephanie Wong’s successful evidence suppression effort rendered out of the Misook Nowlin-related context in which I had spoken, everything I had said to police investigators. In effect, the suppression of Nowlin-related evidence rendered inadmissible during trial the bulk of my remarks to detectives during my several police interviews, principally regarding the many facts and circumstances that assured me that Nowlin was behind the intrusion through Christina’s ground floor bedroom window that night leading to her death, none of which police and prosecutors were able to refute. Why bother to refute when you can just conceal and suppress?

Successfully removed from the Misook Nowlin-related context in which I spoke, what little of my otherwise reasoned statements to the police underlying my certainty of Nowlin’s child-murder guilt that survived the suppression scheme were rendered incoherent in the courtroom.

Stephanie Wong’s single minded Misook Nowlin-friendly evidence suppression efforts were aided by the fact that, out of all of the (token) case-related documents turned over to the defense by Wong’s like-minded superior, Teena Griffin, as part of the discovery process, not one of the many pages regarding Nowlin contained even a passing mention of Nowlin’s recent domestic violence Unlawful Restraint conviction produced by Wong herself – the offense as Wong well knew Nowlin’s effort to keep me from removing my daughter from Nowlin’s dangerous violent presence.

All of it intimately known by Charles Reynard, Teena Griffin, and Stephanie Wong, likewise absent from any of the token disclosed investigative documentation is the slightest reference to Misook Nowlin’s more recent child abuse (battery) arrest and long-pending charges, Michelle Nowlin’s smothering allegations against her mother, the Nowlin parents’ joint retrieval of the deathbed “trophy” from the Salvation Army thrift shop, the plotting on the night of the murder between Misook and Andy Nowlin to “set me up” for a crime I was innocent of (supposedly only involving drugs), and a whole lot more incriminating facts and circumstances long known to prosecutors, but forever withheld by them.

“Disclosed” by the State, not even in the Bloomington Police interview summary reports of their repeated questioning of Misook Nowlin herself is there any mention at all of any of the above critical facts and circumstances relevant to the true identity of my child’s killer, despite this telling evidence being long known to police and prosecutors alike.

Overcome by sadness, bitterness, and doom when reading the many agenda-driven case-related documents all authored following my arrest – no investigation at all having preceded my unwarranted hasty arrest – my already carved-in-stone wrongful conviction a foregone conclusion, I was shocked and disheartened to witness the sweeping under the rug of all evidence of Misook Nowlin’s involvement in my daughter’s murder, Nowlin’s guilt even in the early days soon after Christina’s death just as certain as tomorrow’s sunrise.


Perhaps Stephanie Wong’s role in the getaway of my child’s killer, Misook Nowlin apparently having involved others close to her also, is best exemplified by Wong’s own words regarding vital forensic evidence.

Found in Christina’s lifeless hands were six long hairs, three pulled out by the roots. Of also suspicious origin were a dozen tiny bloodstains on the bedsheet. While prosecutors were attempting to railroad me right into a wrongful conviction without having conducted any forensic examinations at all on this critical evidence likely originating from my daughter’s true killer, I, on the contrary was positively obsessed with this evidence.

The primary issue of five or so pretrial hearings, I alone was the proponent of having this vital evidence forensically examined, which prosecutors opposed doing, and in fact had never intended having done. Public Defender Tracy Smith’s first murder trial and in which I potentially faced the death penalty, Smith was only dragged along by my efforts – he wholly unenthusiastic about contesting the State’s case and clueless when it came to the intricacies of forensic evidence.

Because I myself was throwing a public fit (in court and in many letters to reporters) over prosecutors’ opposition to conduction any forensic testing of such potentially exculpatory evidence, and throwing a fit over what I perceived to be the prosecutor-aided getaway, led by Teena Griffin, of my child’s killer, Public Defender Smith finally submitted a last-minute poorly-drafted motion for the forensic testing of the hair evidence.

Normally evidence of this sort is promptly forensically examined as a part of investigative routine, not needing to be court-ordered. But there was no pre-arrest investigation of any sort, I hastily arrested the very day after the murder, the so-called “investigation” only to follow my arrest, probably accounting for why prosecutors opposed doing forensic testing throughout.


The defense motion for forensic testing (by unspecified means) granted by the judge, in token compliance with the court order Stephanie Wong herself dictated the narrow confines of the hair evidence examinations, subjecting the hair evidence only to the notoriously unreliable “microscopy” process (examination by microscope) at an Illinois State Police crime lab. A forensic fraud of the first order, the “examination” at Wong’s direction only manufactured from cherry-picked data the vague conclusion that the hairs found in Christina’s lifeless hands “COULD HAVE originated from Christina” herself (emphasis added).

I, of course, was positively excluded as the origin of any forensic evidence at all, despite my own apartment constituting the crime scene.

Pursuant to Stephanie Wong’s restrictive designs, my own submitted hair sample far too short even to the naked eye for me to have been the source of the hair evidence, the hair comparison exam did not even involve hair samples from Misook Nowlin or her daughter, Michelle Nowlin, who were closer to my child than anyone other than Christina’s own parents. Similarly, conspicuously absent from the comparison exam were hair samples from Andy Nowlin or anyone else questioned by the police regarding their close proximity to Misook Nowlin on the night of Christina’s death, none of whom were able to account for their whereabouts from 11:00 pm onwards. Which begs the question, what good is a hair comparison when evidence is compared to no one else’s hair sample?

Eventually I was able to study the crime lab paperwork relating to the Stephanie Wong-dictated hair comparison exam conducted by Illinois State Police Forensic Examiner Susan Kidd, including Kidd’s child-like nearly-indiscernible lab notes. From Forensic Examiner Susan Kidd’s lab’s telephone logs it was obvious that Stephanie Wong herself had her hand on the scale in directing the confines of the hair comparison exam, ensuring a pre-ordained prosecutorial outcome.

Stephanie Wong seems to have dictated which mostly-subjective hair-related descriptors to include in Susan Kidd’s custom-written lab notes to render the hair evidence “consistent with” Christina’s own hair sample, while omitting from the lab notes a host of hair-related data measurements common to all other routine hair comparison exams, that otherwise should have excluded my daughter as the source of the hairs found in her hands – a manipulative exploitation of the shortcomings of the largely-subjective confines of microscopy meant to conceal the arms’-reach presence of the killer Christina struggled with during her last breath.

By the late date of this court-ordered forensic exam, a full 18 weeks after the hair evidence was removed from Christina’s cold hands, prosecutors had already demonstrated a single-minded determination to conceal all evidence, facts, and circumstances regarding Misook Nowlin’s killing of my daughter. Stephanie Wong’s wholehearted effort to railroad me straight into a known wrongful conviction and death-by-prison sentence served this unholy agenda.

Accordingly, Stephanie Wong was the very last person who should have had any involvement in or influence over the forensic hair comparison exam (or any other facet of the case for that matter). Nonetheless, by calculated deceptive design, just as I was deemed the killer of my daughter by a manufactured guilty-by-default paradigm facilitated by concealment and suppression of all Misook Nowlin-related facts and circumstances, so too was Christina assigned the origin of the hairs found in her lifeless hands via a similarly deceptive strategic concealment of a host of hair-related forensic datapoints that otherwise excluded Christina as the source of the hair evidence. Put simply, the manipulative exploitation of the weakness of the microscopy process allowed Stephanie Wong to assign Christina the default origin of the hair evidence, masking the true killer’s presence.  We are to imagine that the person struggling to stop an attack that is causing her not to breathe pulls their own hair out versus that of their attacker or person close by.

Clearly meant to draw one to falsely infer Christina herself the origin of the hair evidence, the lab notes’ cherry-picked presence of only subjective observations in comparing it to Christina’s own hair sample, along with the crafty omission of objective comparison datapoints that otherwise surely excluded Christina as the origin of the many hairs found in her hands, was Susan Kidd doing Stephanie Wong’s dirty work.

Now hopelessly contaminated by child-killer Misook Nowlin’s new pal, Stephanie Wong, the hair evidence which singlehandedly should have exonerated me at the true killers expense under genuine truth-seeking circumstances, had lost all investigative integrity – nothing thereafter claimed about the hair evidence having any remaining credibility. Thanks to the agenda-driven influence over Illinois State Police Forensic Examiner Susan Kidd (who herself willingly partook in this fraud), the many hairs found in Christina’s hands otherwise certainly originating from her arm’s-reach killer sure to implicate Misook Nowlin and others she apparently involved in the murder plot, were instead falsely attributed to Christina herself.

Neither of Charles Reynard’s henchpersons Teena Griffin or Stephanie Wong ever bothered to posit some plausible scenario whereby Christina would have tried to fend off attack by pulling out her own hair rather than struggling with her attacker, so preposterous such a proposition would have made.


Thereafter I alone sought a more objective and conclusive examination of the hair evidence, ideally involving hair samples originating from Misook Nowlin and those questioned by the police in her immediate proximity on the night of the murder. By this time, I had every reason to suspect that Susan Kidd’s crafted intended-inference-of-origin exam conclusion under the cunning dictates of Stephanie Wong an outright fraud – to be expected by this time given Wong’s not-so-hidden unjust agenda.

So began my further effort at getting a fully objective thorough comparison exam of the hair evidence, my intent vehemently opposed at every turn by railroading teammates Teena Griffin and Stephanie Wong – Public Defender Tracy Smith merely dragging his feet behind my truth-seeking efforts..

In stark opposition to my lone pursuit of those who stole my child’s life, consider a few telling courtroom quotes by Stephanie Wong herself. At a February 3rd, 1999 pretrial hearing regarding Wong’s above motion to bar (suppress) any defense presentation of Misook Nowlin-related evidence regarding the true identity of my daughter’s killer, Wong argued that “no motive for Nowlin’s involvement in Christina’s murder could be proven”, and that “the prosecution would not agree that Misook was a suspect” (98CF633 court transcript Vol. IV p22, 23). If Misook were not a suspect, then why a month after Christina was murdered, and I am arrested, is Misook subjected to a Polygraph Exam for which she utterly fails showing signs of deception?

As detailed above, Stephanie Wong’s own prosecution of Misook Nowlin’s domestic violence (Unlawful Restraint) offense involving Christina was plenty motive in and of itself, not that a depraved psychokiller needs much of a motive – Nowlin treated as a lead suspect by Bloomington Police detectives for many weeks following the murder.

In providing false cover for Misook Nowlin, Stephanie Wong further told the court that [Nowlin’s] “whereabouts have been corroborated by other individuals” (p25) never mind that Misook Nowlin’s so-called “alibi” is provided only by her closest pals, any one or more of which could have been involved in the murder alongside Nowlin themselves. Moreover, the “alibi” ends at 11:00pm, Christina not killed until long after midnight, while neither Misook or any of her pals could account for their whereabouts after 11:00pm.

Stephanie Wong further deceived the court regarding Christina’s open ground floor bedroom window by falsely claiming that …“the screen window was completely secure”… (p22), a statement in gross conflict with crime scene photos & videotape. See attached video showing how the screen window falls out on its own through sheer gravity alone as it wasn’t even put back into its track properly. See also the forensic lab report conducted on the screen itself showing that the holes were likely caused by a flat bladed knife.

Again, conspicuously absent during the course of this same February 1999 court hearing was any mention of Stephanie Wong’s own recent successful prosecution of Misook Nowlin for her domestic violence Unlawful Restraint charge stemming from Nowlin having restrained me from removing Christina from the scene of Nowlin’s unhinged violent tirade – the details of which Wong herself had intimate knowledge. And of course the date of Misook Nowlin’s scheduled domestic violence Unlawful Restraint sentencing hearing’s telling proximity to Christina’s death remained equally unmentioned throughout. After all, withheld from all prosecutor-disclosed “investigative reports” by the Reynard / Griffin / Wong railroading cabal was any mention at all of such murder-related circumstances relevant to who really killed my child.


During the March 4th, 1999, court hearing to follow, in fierce opposition to my further pursuit of scientifically objective forensic examinations of the hair evidence, Stephanie Wong told the court!that she did not want to “…re-test everything that could have been done months and months ago.” (Vol. IV p141) Indeed, why then did Wong not facilitate any forensic testing of the hair evidence at all for a whopping 18 weeks following Christina’s murder until ordered by the court after my bitter complaints about evidence withholding, and only reluctantly then subjected the hair evidence to an examination by the notoriously unreliable microscopy process.  Results of which didn’t even include comparing the hairs to other obvious suspects’ hair samples, with the results further skewed and made prosecutor friendly by cherry-picking what subjective forensic descriptors to include in the lab notes at the expense of including objective precision that otherwise would have proved the presence of someone other than Christina herself who was within Christina’s small arms’ reach at her moment of death.

During the May 28th, 1999, court hearing at which Stephanie Wong further opposed my effort in pursuit of a genuine objective forensic examination of the hair found in my child’s lifeless hands, Wong proposed that “…if the hair came back to be inconsistent with the victim”…“it wont prove anything.” Does Stephanie Wong really believe this? How contemptuous of solid evidence must she be? What more conclusive evidence could there be if the hairs found in Christina’s hands were found to have originated from some third party? What better evidence could exist leading to identify Christina’s real killer?

Stephanie Wong determined to undermine the importance of the hair evidence, she told the court that a third-party origin of the hair evidence would be meaningless because “The hair could have been there two weeks before, two months before.” Really?

It’s not like the hair evidence was confined to a few fragments found on the carpet or stuck to an article of clothing. The only hair evidence found were the six long hairs found in Christina’s tiny hands, hardly the result of innocent transference, three being of full length pulled out by the roots.

As she claimed at the time, does Stephanie Wong today still believe that my daughter walked about with six hairs in her hands from “two weeks before, two months before” – whether originating from Christina herself, from Misook Nowlin, or from someone else Nowlin involved in the murder? Rest assured; Stephanie Wong would not have posited so preposterous a proposition were I the origin of the hairs found in Christina’s lifeless hands.

Stephanie Wong’s conspicuous effort to dismiss the importance of this otherwise potentially exculpatory evidence that would naturally be expected to have originated from the true killer exemplifies Wong’s multi-faceted effort to abet the getaway of Christina’s killer. What other motive could account for Stephanie Wong’s Nowlin-friendly agenda throughout the case?

It has long been my belief that Stephanie Wong would have never made such loathsome claims unless she had known all along that the hair found in Christina’s hands were not her own, and that whether the hair evidence originated from Misook Nowlin herself or from someone else, their true origin nonetheless implicated Nowlin via whoever else she involved in killing my daughter.

A case-related subject I studied more than any other, a lengthy full account of the story of the hair evidence would by dry in scientific / forensic intricacies and beyond the scope herein, suffice to say that when all was said and done Stephanie Wong and her railroading cohorts had wholly neutralized that which should have sent me packing to finally go home, and which by itself could have led to the conviction of the true Nowlin child killer(s) – oh, and spared the life of later Nowlin serial-killing victim, mother-in-law Linda Tyda. As well as provided Christina with the justice she still has not received.  Ultimately, nothing further said about the origin of the hair evidence had any credibility at all.

I am only sharing my stark memories of such events in demonstration of the depraved lengths Stephanie Wong went to produce my wrongful conviction in the service of Misook Nowlin’s getaway, her guilt surely better known to Wong than anyone. From where I sat and in my 23 years behind bars since, it is inconceivable to me that Stephanie Wong and fellow railroaders Charles Reynard and Teena Griffin genuinely believed that Christina was killed by her father rather than by an intruder through her ground floor bedroom window. So transparently obvious to me that crazed psychopath Misook Nowlin was behind my child’s murder, until I die I’ll remain convinced that Nowlin’s child murder guilt was known to them all along. How could it not have been?


Since Stephanie Wong denied having any memory of her role in the above events when recently asked by a local reporter, I took it upon myself to share my vivid recollection of Wong’s involvement in the taking of my life & liberty by my wrongful conviction sentence of death-by-prison, every day of my 23 years behind bars a stark reminder.

Worse, by likely-intent or not, Stephanie Wong denied an innocent 3-year old murder victim any semblance of justice, Christina dishonored in death by the granting of the wicked Misook Nowlin her get-away-with-murder-free card. Thanks largely to Stephanie Wong, Misook Nowlin naturally expected to get away with the later serial killing of mother-in-law Linda Tyda just as easily as she got away with killing my daughter years earlier.

Having read my own detailed account of Stephanie Wong’s direct role in these many gross injustices, perhaps I’ve jogged Wong out of her (self-serving) amnesiac stupor.

Owed to the imprisoned father of a murdered child, owed to the murdered little girl herself, Christina McNeil, owed to Misook Nowlin’s only-latest murder victim, Linda Tyda, and owed to the good folks of McLean County now appalled at what happened back then, we welcome Stephanie Wong to correct any errors in fact and unwarranted mischaracterizations.

Tell us, Ms. Wong, what do you have to say for what you did? And what have you done to reverse it?

Nothing short but an incredible prediction I made comes true. The above taken from my 2002 Resentencing Hearing where my lifetime sentence was replaced with a 100-year “death by prison” sentence. There was never a time nor occasion that I would not rail against those who convicted me knowing that I was innocent and Misook the true evil killer of my beautiful daughter Christina.