To date, over 300 exonerations have occurred in the past 10 years with many more to come.  It is difficult to realize that to err is human and as a result, wrongful convictions can and do occur.

Wrongfully convicted prisoners such as Bart have no way of earning money except through the charity of their family or friends.   Did you know that all prisoners have to pay for their own stationery, writing instruments, underwear, socks, tennis shoes, personal care products such as toothpaste, shaving cream, and snack foods.  Barton does not smoke.  His prized possessions are a small TV, a plastic fan and a pair of sneakers.  If you wish to help Barton with purchasing products he can use and obtain some level of enjoyment until the day he can become free, there is a direct method of payment to the prisoner through  www.JPay.Com. Use Bart's prison ID number which is K75924 in the state of Illinois.

For contributions JPay has partnered with corrections agencies across the country to provide fast, secure money transfer, convenient inmate email, video visitation, MP3 music players and more.
How to make a contribution to Barton:
Go to and input  Bart's ID number (K-75924).  Immediately his identification will be confirmed and connected to the account of  Barton McNeil.  Any amount submitted will go directly to his account and used at the Correctional Center commissary.
The initial screen will look like this:

Get Started (new customers)

 (key in here K75924)

Don't know the ID #?

Bart is also an avid reader and lists history, metaphysics, and science as his interests.  Books,  magazines, or letters can be sent to Bart at this address:

Barton McNeil K75924

PO Box 1000

Menard Correctional Center

Menard IL 62259

Please see this important video on donations.

Funds are also needed to help with the investigations and research. Your donations can be sent directly to the following organization that is supporting Bart's case:

Illinois Innocence Project

One University Plaza

MS Public Affairs Center 451

Springfield IL 62703-5407

More can be learned about the Illinois Innocence Project at:

The Project is affiliated with the University of Illinois Springfield and Champaign-Urbana campuses.

Thank you for your generous support!


Beginning December 2016, persons can correspond with inmates through e-mail.

20 e-mail credits cost $4.00.  Each e-mail can be approximately 1,200 characters in length.  Barton will have access to a kiosk approximately twice each week where he can download new e-mails and upload replies using a small Smartphone-like device that prisoners are able to purchase for $75

The following is the website in order to establish an account and to send Barton e-mails:


You will need to set up an account and using a search utility, locate prisoner Barton McNeil who is located at Menard State Prison that is part of the Illinois Department of Corrections

When successfully locating him, it should show the following information:

Mcneil, Barton 04/22/1959 K75924