Appeal to Aphrodite Jonees TV Show on Crime

Dear Aphrodite Jones and Producers of the Aphrodite Jones Television Show,

Recently I saw the program on Tyrone Hood (Menard Prison IL) who served twenty years behind bars for a crime he did not commit, based on the flimsiest of circumstantial evidence. I was struck by the similarity of another inmate at Menard, my nephew Barton McNeil, who is serving life without parole (now at sixteen years) for purportedly killing his three year old daughter, Christina McNeil. The Illinois Innocent Project is now working on his behalf, based on hasty and erroneous judgments by investigators, lost crime scene videos, assumptions, and failing to look for another perpetrator responsible for the crime. They are now firmly convinced of his innocence.
Bart’s case is unique in that he always maintained that his ex-girlfriend Misook Kim (Nowlin) (Wang) killed his child one night, after a violent break up, by entering a bedroom window and asphyxiating his daughter. DNA left behind (blood, two different urine stains, hair) was never tested, nor was a finger print lifted from the broken screen window, or a key piece of new evidence--- investigating the web re-building habits of a spider. At the DNA hearing, Arachnid experts from the Smithsonian Institute, testified that spiders do rebuild cobwebs after twenty minutes of destruction, and unknowledgable police investigators decided the next day that the presence of a spider-web could only mean no one entered through the window.
It was never proven that Bart was a sex offender, collected pornography, or treated his child inappropriately. Yet perverted conduct was, none-the-less, heavily suggested by the prosecutors. Nor did computer forensics find damming evidence of sexual interest of young children. Bart was convicted by a bench trial (no jury) advised by his incompetent lawyers who did nothing to contest a ‘Limine’ judgement excluding an alternative killer theory. Without a second person theory, Bart was hopelessly undefended. The legal system was adamant in their conviction that no one else could have entered his room.
The pivotal point in the case occurred in 2011, after sixteen years in prison with no further appeals, a huge break in his case opened. His Korean ex-girlfriend, Misook Kim, murdered again, avenging her husband, Don Wang, who wanted a divorce. In a premeditative manner, similar to the first murder, she asphyxiated. Linda Tyda Wang, in Crest Hill IL, for the same avenging motives. Misook Wang is now in prison, but refuses to admit other crimes.
Misook failed the polygraph, and her alibi in the 1998 homicide (McNeil) for that evening relied heavily on two testimonies: (1) Her new boyfriend at the time, Don Wang, whom she later married, and (2) Her brother Dongson Wang, visiting in Korea at the time. Records showed that he lived in more than four U.S. residences with Misook. The two second call to Korea was based on suggested time of death (around midnight), yet toxicologists now say that the stomach contents could be off by several hours.

The full story on Barton McNeil can be read on FreeBart.Org which includes audio tapes, investigative reports, interviews, newspaper articles, and timelines. I hope you will consider this story for your program.

Jeanne Ross

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