Bloomington Police Department Interview


Date of Interview:    June 17, 1998

Interview with Misook Kim Nowlin

Interviewed by Detective Wikoff

    Michael Burns taking notes.




DET. WIKOFF:  This is Mike.  He’s another detective.  While you and I talk, Mike is going to take notes.



DET. WIKOFF:    Can I get you a glass of water or anything?

MISOOK NOWLIN:  No, I’m fine, I’m fine.


DET. WIKOFF:   You’re sure?


MISOOK NOWLIN:  Yeah.  I need to know how to fix this chair.  [Misook adjusts her chair]


DET. WIKOFF:  Yeah, I think. I think. You can pull up on that.  Yeah.


MISOOK NOWLIN:  I pull up?  Okay.


DET. WIKOFF:  If you want, you can have this one.


MISOOK NOWLIN:  No that’s fine.


DET. WIKOFF:  You won’t need to write anything, we’re just going to talk.




DET. WIKOFF:  As you know, and I’m sure you know by now that Christina died---




DET. WIKOFF:  ---either late Monday night or early Tuesday morning. We’re not sure which.


DET. WIKOFF:  Um, so part of the investigation, is we’re going to talk to everybody. It’s like fishing.  We’re going to throw a really big net and get all the information we can and sort through everything else. So What kind of information we’re after is in talking   to Bart, we’re going to know everything he did; we’re going to talk to Tita and hear everything she did. We’re going to talk with you and hear everything you did.


MISOOK NOWLIN:  How did you know my name?


DET. WIKOFF:  We talked to Bart already for several hours and he said you’re his girlfriend.


DET. WIKOFF:  So I mean you’re not a mystery or anything.

MISOOK NOWLIN:  No, no, no.  He told you I was girlfriend or just friend?

DET. WIKOFF:  He said you were his girlfriend but you’re kind of rocky right now.

MISOOK NOWLIN:  He tell you that?



DET. WIKOFF:  Is it a kind of tough relationship?

MISOOK NOWLIN:      Well sort of, sort of.  We still see each other a couple of times.


DET. WIKOFF:  Ah huh.


MISOOK NOWLIN:  We call each other.


DET. WIKOFF:  Ah huh.


MISOOK NOWLIN:  We been separated a couple of months together.  We dated for four years and he lived with me for three years.


DET. WIKOFF:  You dated for four years?


MISOOK NOWLIN:  We living together for three years.

DET. WIKOFF:  Six years?

MISOOK NOWLIN:  Three, three years.  (Putting three fingers up)

DET. WIKOFF:  Three years?  Okay.

MISOOK NOWLIN:  He just moving out to new place.  Two months ago.

DET. WIKOFF:  On Evans Street?



DET. WIKOFF:  So are you and him in the process of breaking up?  Or are you kinda---?

MISOOK NOWLIN:  Oh he already broke up but I still loving him a lot, want to see him.  I have been his girlfriend all this time.

DET. WIKOFF:  Okay, let’s start back.  I’m going to ask you some other questions.  You work at Bloomington Dental Lab during the day?

MISOOK NOWLIN:  Yeah, Sure. Sure.

DET. WIKOFF:     What time do you usually go to work during the day?

MISOOK NOWLIN:  I go work at 8:00 until 5:00 then I go home, Monday to Friday.

DET. WIKOFF:  Okay.  Let’s go back to Monday.


DET. WIKOFF:     Start from Monday morning.  Did you work at Bloomington Dental on Monday?

MISOOK NOWLIN:  I go work but I could not---

DET. WIKOFF:  Oops, hang on a second.

(Someone knocks on the door and asks Detectives WZ and Burns to step outside.]


Voice off room: I’m very sorry to interrupt but----

DET. WIKOFF:     I’ll be right back.

[Both Detective Burns and Detective WZ leave the room at 11:35 and return at 11:36]


DET. WIKOFF:  Here’s a funny thing.  Would you change seats with me?




DET. WIKOFF:  Would you change seats with me?  Can I sit there and you sit     here.  Here’s why.  This room has audio and camera and it’s so that---


MISOOK NOWLIN:  Can you Move my chair?


DET. WIKOFF:  Move chair? Sure.  Sure.  And it’s so that nobody can---Some people say well he beat them up when he was here, or he tried to kiss me or something like that.


DET. WIKOFF:     So we always video tape it.

MISOOK NOWLIN:  Okay, I won’t try to kiss you.

DET. WIKOFF:  No, okay.  And that ring there, if you bang into it, it will make a lot of noise.


DET. WIKOFF:  You don’t have to bang into it.  It’s just a noisy thing.


MISOOK NOWLIN:  Alright, I won’t.


[Misook moves from the area where handcuffs hang on the metal table]


DET. WIKOFF:  Um---so, Monday.




DET. WIKOFF:  Bloomington Dental.

MISOOK NOWLIN:  You say Tuesday?  Yesterday Tuesday, right?

DET. WIKOFF:  Monday.

MISOOK NOWLIN:  Monday, right?

MISOOK NOWLIN:  Okay, Monday, I go to work at 8:00 [A.M.] That’s      supposed to be the time for work. Then I go lunch time stop by home, twelve o’clock to one o’clock is my lunch time.

DET. WIKOFF:  Where’s do you live?


MISOOK NOWLIN:      1312  C – R – O –X – T – O – N, Apartment A7.

DET. WIKOFF:  Croxton, okay.


MISOOK NOWLIN:  Yeah, I go home.  Then, um, I even eat lunch in an hour and then I go back work at one o’clock again and I get off at 5:00 [P.M.].



MISOOK NOWLIN:  And I have a second job, too.




MISOOK NOWLIN:  I working at Anthony---Anderson Financial.


DET. WIKOFF:  Right.


MISOOK NOWLIN:  Anderson Financial Company.  I working second job every night during the week.  Monday to Friday.


DET. WIKOFF:  Okay.  On telephone?


MISOOK NOWLIN:  Yeah, I can speak Korean and answer telephone calls [inaudible] talking to Korean in United States and help them.


DET. WIKOFF:  Oh, okay.  Okay.  Sure. Sure.


MISOOK NOWLIN:  I work Anderson Financial every night from 6:00 [P.M.] to 12:00 [Midnight].




MISOOK NOWLIN:  On Monday, I did not go to work?


DET. WIKOFF:  You didn’t go Monday?


MISOOK NOWLIN:  Yeah, Because of the difference about the night me and my boyfriend relationship.




MISOOK NOWLIN:  ---and, ah, what happen is, I see him Saturday,---last Saturday he come to my place, spend it with me, he left Sunday.  And, ah, every things going on, seems like to me is, he tries to, you know, start to see me, I mean he tries to see me, but finish the relationship


DET. WIKOFF:  He wants to leave and you want to keep seeing him?


MISOOK NOWLIN:  Yeah, I tried the best I can do.  And I tried to do work out with him, he want me to, so, I, you know, ah, I, you know, then I saw him day before, next day I kind of miss him a lot.  So I call him, and I think he working that night, so at least not.


DET. WIKOFF:  Um-huh, Monday?


MISOOK NOWLIN:  ---so I call him and he answer telephone, so I tell him, oh, I will see you so, what are you working tonight?  And he say, Yes, so I said. Well why don’t we just go have dinner together?




MISOOK NOWLIN: And he say, okay.   This is the first time I see---know the serious side of him just want to stay home.




MISOOK NOWLIN:  Honey, this is our last---


DET. WIKOFF:    Sure


MISOOK NOWLIN:  ---time come see me, here. We just have some minutes we just have dinner together, and we see each other together at Arvanti’s (Misook pronounces Avanti’s as Arvanti’s)

supposed to meet at six o clock.  And I ask him does he have to pick up Christina tonight and he said, yes, I picking her up at six o’clock.  And I, ah I tell him, why don’t you bring Chris with him too then?


DET. WIKOFF:  So, okay.  He said he has to pick her up at six o’clock and you said, why don’t you just bring her along?


MISOOK NOWLIN:  No, I tell him bring along Christina. We eat together.


DET. WIKOFF:  Right, right, bring her along---




DET. WIKOFF:  The three of you go to Avanti’s?




DET. WIKOFF:  To Avanti’s.


MISOOK NOWLIN:  Then you know I been talk to my friend and stuff until almost six o clock---.  Actually, that day, my---another friend working in drugstore, her name is Yuman and she come stop by me before I told her I talk to her on telephone, I you know, upset and stuff---


DET. WIKOFF:  After---?


MISOOK NOWLIN:  No, no, before I go see him.


DET. WIKOFF:    Right, but after you got off work at Dental, and before you went to dinner---?




DET. WIKOFF:    ---She came and saw you?


MISOOK NOWLIN:  Yes.  She stopped by my place.  She say, I tell her, I need we go see Bart, together for dinner tonight, and she say okay then you better go, this and that, and then she left.   I went to Avanti’s and he wait outside in parking lot, so um, but he don’t bring Christina.


DET. WIKOFF:  Okay. Christina didn’t come.




DET. WIKOFF:  But you invited her?




DET. WIKOFF:  You said you want to bring Christina; Bring Christina, we’ll meet for dinner at six.






MISOOK NOWLIN:  So Christina (audible) and Christina is upset, but she not let on.


DET. WIKOFF:  Did he say you what time he was supposed to pick her up?






MISOOK NOWLIN:  Anyway then we just go inside. We go inside, and then we just talk little bit.  I hear from my new friend that he got a new job at Applebee, and ah, but you know, I already know he had new job because he already told me last time. I ask him back to him, but he kind of tried lied to me. Something like this happens--this and that.  He tried to tell me lie. See each other.  I’m not….(inaudible)


DET. WIKOFF:  Did he tell you about Applebee’s?


MISOOK NOWLIN:  He tell me last time he got two different places for application; one is in Bakers Square and one is Applebee.  So maybe he tell me he got to go to Florida two months for training. Or maybe he have to stay every week in Bloomington, couple months in Florida.


DET. WIKOFF:  He said Peoria.  He might have to go to Peoria to get training?


MISOOK NOWLIN:  I don’t know.  Anyway, ah, um---so---


DET. WIKOFF:  So, what did you guys, ---what were you mad about?  That he wasn’t telling you what was going to happen for sure?  That he hadn’t told you about Applebee before---?


MISOOK NOWLIN:  He---everything just mad at me maybe, I don’t know why.


DET. WIKOFF:  He was mad at you?


MISOOK NOWLIN:  Yeah.  Always he used to never do that to me.  Worse, even if he come to my place he never relax, he never lies ---[inaudible


DET. WIKOFF: Oh well




DET. WIKOFF:  Oh really.


MISOOK NOWLIN:  He is so different that he makes me so upset. He makes me sad. Makes me scared too.  Maybe he don’t want me no more---and, that time, before, a couple weeks ago, I have some problem with, ah him; his place, and he shout at me and he want me to believe and blah, blah, blah,---and I just, he tell me, I don’t want you no more.  First time he come to bed and talk about me that, and after that he tell me to come to his bed and sleep, I sleep with him, and have sex, he snuggle me, and you know, and then morning I left there, and my ex-husband talk to him telephone and he tell him two totally different story about me.


DET. WIKOFF:  Bart told Andy a different story?


MISOOK NOWLIN:  Yeah. About the, I mean---


DET. WIKOFF:  Was that Sunday?  Was this a couple weeks ago?


MISOOK NOWLIN:  Yeah, a couple weeks ago.


DET. WIKOFF:    Did the police come to your place when you guys had the argument?



DET. WIKOFF:  Okay.  Because a lot of times now if someone hears a man or woman arguing they call the police and the police come out to make sure that no one’s getting beat up or anything like that.


DET. WIKOFF:    SO there’s no---Was that your place or his place?

MISOOK NOWLIN:  That’s---his place.

DET. WIKOFF:  ---A couple weeks ago?


DET. WIKOFF:  So that would have been on Evans still?  His new place. Okay.

MISOOK NOWLIN:  So we usually see each week every two days, usually I go see him between, you know, 2-3 Thursday because I get off work at twelve o’clock---I don’t work,---(inaudible)---Christine, I kind of know, I don’t want to bother him. So I go to his place.  Usually weekend he brings Christina with him, come to my place stay with my daughter (inaudible) my eight year old daughter.

DET. WIKOFF:    What’s her name?

MISOOK NOWLIN:   Michelle.

DET. WIKOFF:  Where’s she?  She with her dad?


DET. WIKOFF:  Where does he live?

MISOOK NOWLIN:  He lives in Heyworth.

DET. WIKOFF:  Heyworth?


DET. WIKOFF:  Okay, and his name is Andy Nowlin?

MISOOK NOWLIN:  Yeah, my ex-husband is Andy Nowlin.

DET. WIKOFF:  Andy Nowlin?

MISOOK NOWLIN:  Yeah, you know him? (surprised)

DET. WIKOFF:  No, I know your last name is Nowlin.

MISOOK NOWLIN:  Yeah (laughs)

DET. WIKOFF:  Okay. I’m pretty smart.

MISOOK NOWLIN:  (Laughs)  Ah-huh, Okay, and so, you know, he tell, And my ex-husband he ask to love her, care about her, you know. He just tell what he do not what I done to him, I don’t like this he calls too much.

DET. WIKOFF:  Bart’s telling Andy that he still loves you, and that he cares about you?

MISOOK NOWLIN:  Yeah. Yeah. And um, So, I, you know, And--my ex-husband tell me something like those kind of story and why he treating me like why he seems? Totally different!  Then Andy makes me confused as to what to do.  So just scared of seeing him, you know then, lot of different scared.  You know, Then you know, Thursday night at his place; stay with him, last Thursday---This--last time I saw Christina, actually.

DET. WIKOFF:  Last Thursday? Okay.

MISOOK NOWLIN:  And um, I get off about eleven o clock that night and go see him, a little bit that early to go see him

DET. WIKOFF:  From Anderson Financial, and you go see him?

MISOOK NOWLIN:  Yes. I get off at eleven o’ clock, and I go see him, and that time Christina is at his home and I will get something for them to eat from Steak and Shake; just close to their house for dinner for them to eat, and after that I take Christina to bathroom make it to teeth brushing, then I find some condom there.

DET. WIKOFF:  Oh, really? Okay.

MISOOK NOWLIN:  So I mean, you know.

DET. WIKOFF:  You two don’t use condoms?

MISOOK NOWLIN:  No, we never use condoms.   Used to first time I use it for birth control, and then after that we just try to not get pregnant.

DET. WIKOFF:  Does it---inaudible---

MISOOK NOWLIN:  Yes, and I kind of sure he don’t like to use condom.  Alright he got the condom at all and he got the condom, it kill me---

DET. WIKOFF:  So you’re thinking, okay, we don’t use condoms but he’s got em---.


DET. WIKOFF:  He says he doesn’t like them, but he’s got them.


DET. WIKOFF:  So you’re thinking there must be another woman?

MISOOK NOWLIN:  Yeah it is possible but I don’t know---I don’t know for sure he’s doing that, a different thing from email, you know, like an internet email from different country. I know that. Cause he’s always so crazy about the computer.

DET. WIKOFF:  Yeah that’s what he says.


DET. WIKOFF:  Do you have a computer in your house?


DET. WIKOFF:  Yeah, when you were at Croxton?

MISOOK NOWLIN:  Now?  He take it here

DET. WIKOFF:  You had it, but he’s got it.


DET. WIKOFF:  So you don’t have a computer? Okay, I have a few extra questions. When you are at work in Bloomington Dentalware, do you have a computer that you can get on the internet with?

MISOOK NOWLIN:  You know my job?

DET. WIKOFF:  Yeah. No.

DET. WIKOFF:  What do you do at Bloomington Dentalware?

MISOOK NOWLIN:  I make working with my hands.  I make (demonstrates with her hands is if she is a technician, working with a dental plate or impression.) like a mold, because making and you know working with--

DET. WIKOFF:  So you’re not a computer person?


DET. WIKOFF:  and at AFNE (an acronym for Anderson Financial) usually Korean---

MISOOK NOWLIN:  I’m on a computer all day.

DET. WIKOFF:  Right, but not on the internet.


DET. WIKOFF:  It’s just a company.

MISOOK NOWLIN:  Yeah, yeah, I can do nothing to them. (inaudible sentence)  do morning of---I’m not even ---so, but He’s so crazy about the computer.  He can sit down computer for like seven eight hours.

DET. WIKOFF:  Right.  Some people are like that. I can’t, it hurts my eyes.

MISOOK NOWLIN:  Yeah. And I don’t like it at all just to be living together---


MISOOK NOWLIN:  Always come home, play with computer. Don’t do nothing to me. Or he’s tired, I always have to take care of his daughter.  I figure out he do same too. I knew what was going even (Inaudible word)---At that time.  Christina---put on a Video tape, sit down on couch, and he go sit down at his desk, and play on computer.

DET. WIKOFF:  So he’d throw a VCR on TV and he’d sit and play on the computer?


DET. WIKOFF:    How did you get along with Christina?

MISOOK NOWLIN:  Oh, I LOVE her! I mean, you know, she’s just like my daughter. Sometimes I mad at my daughter but I never yell at Christina. Also--She not my daughter but we live together for three years.

DET. WIKOFF:    She’s not your daughter. Six years?

MISOOK NOWLIN:      Three.  She born to---yesterday whatever, and on Thursday she was calling me Kim, and um because my last name is Kim in Korean name. And um, She just follow me okay.

DET. WIKOFF:    So, How would you how would you say your name. Kim---?

MISOOK NOWLIN:  Misook Kim is my original name.

DET. WIKOFF:  Misook Kim would be Americanized.  What comes first?

MISOOK NOWLIN:  No, Kim is last name, my Korean name. I marry my husband and my name is Misook Nowling now. Yeah, Michelle her good friend.

DET. WIKOFF:  Did you ever have to spank her?


DET. WIKOFF:  What would he do for discipline?  Would he spank, or would he put her in the corner, if she acted up, or if she was being bad, what would you guys use for discipline?


DET. WIKOFF:  You or just him, whichever.

MISOOK NOWLIN:  I usually get her on my lap, I’m very same person, something wrong, I mean, something mad, I’m very loud talking and stuff, and he usually---at some point, yeah, you know, everybody--- put in bedroom.

DET. WIKOFF:  That’s what he would do if Christina---if she acted up?

MISOOK NOWLIN:  Yeah, yeah, but I don’t know what he would do so I don’t see him.

DET. WIKOFF:  If you were with Christina and she acted up, what would you do?

MISOOK NOWLIN:  I do nothing. I don’t do nothing, I just tell to Bart.

DET. WIKOFF:  You just tell Bart?

MISOOK NOWLIN:  Yeah.  Christina is not my daughter and I can’t do nothing about it.

DET. WIKOFF:  Let’s go back to Monday.  SO you two go to dinner at Avanti’s? You had a little bit of an argument.

MISOOK NOWLIN:  Yeah I know.  Try to tell me, I Don’t want to see you.


MISOOK NOWLIN:  I have to go to court today.

DET. WIKOFF:  Okay. What
time do you have to be in court?

MISOOK NOWLIN:  Two-thirty.

ODET. WIKOFF:  okay.  Plenty of time.

MISOOK NOWLIN:  And ah, he’s supposed to go with me because this is Domestic violence.  And actually I mean I am so much angry about this thing because I got into trouble for this. People are leaving it to my husband, saying this kind of trouble, and ah, I don’t know.  We are both such much a different person with each other. Many trouble. He’s a very cold person. And me person too, long time.

DET. WIKOFF:  Cold person?

MISOOK NOWLIN:  Yeah, okay

DET. WIKOFF:  Is he loose and easy going or is he controlling and---?

MISOOK NOWLIN:  He try to control people. His ex-wife would get away and he living with her, I don’t know why, you know--- Tita’s--- Tita usually let him do everything what he want.


MISOOK NOWLIN:  But not me. I’m not do that way. I used to give my husband, always give him a check, or he allow me doing everything my way to do.  What we doing everything conscionable, my way to do---- and he let me do that way too.



MISOOK NOWLIN:  Yeah, then, but still he not like a single thing about me; I doing things; and even if I wear make-up on, he don’t like that. I wear some clothes? Something like that. He’s just picking too many different things, you know.


DET. WIKOFF:  He’s ‘on’ you?




DET. WIKOFF:  Controlling you---?  Particular about what you do?


MISOOK NOWLIN:  Yeah, I can see that; I control (inaudible, both talking over each other) I can see that.


DET. WIKOFF:  He says he doesn’t, but he does.


MISOOK NOWLIN:  Yeah, I can see that.  Ah, Well, I got my way to do choices.  Each other (inaudible word)---a way each other


DET. WIKOFF:  You can do things on your own!


MISOOK NOWLIN:  I am, yeah, I always tell him I am not a Tita.  Tita let him do everything---


DET. WIKOFF:  Did he compare you with Tita?  Would he say things like, well, Tita would do this or I would have Tita---


MISOOK NOWLIN:  Yeah, yeah,


DET. WIKOFF:  How did that make you feel?


MISOOK NOWLIN:  Yeah yeah; Make me feel bad. (laugh) I am not Tita. I’m Misook. (inaudible) and I’m number one. (jeolous remark) And we try to work out so we go to counselor together. And I mean, the counselor keep telling me, he give up on Bart.


DET. WIKOFF:  Tells you he gave up on Bart?




DET. WIKOFF:  Whose your counselor?


MISOOK NOWLIN:  My counselor is Don Taylor.


DET. WIKOFF:  Don Taylor.


MISOOK NOWLIN:  Uh-hmm, Do you know him?


DET. WIKOFF:  No, but I’ve heard of him.


DET. WIKOFF:  So, Don says “I can’t deal with Bart”.


MISOOK NOWLIN:  Yeah, because, he, because people try to work out something together then try to get back to each together---Not just me---he say I don’t want to try---


DET. WIKOFF:  Sure. Sure, Yeah, most people---Okay, back to Monday. So what happened?


MISOOK NOWLIN:  Then you know, I try to tell him, you know---


DET. WIKOFF:  Who bought dinner?


MISOOK NOWLIN:  Yeah, I bought---actually we together bought but you know, I want to try to pay, but then you know, he try to tell me no I not going to see you no more. Blah blah blah blah---(voice very excited) I upset that moment. So I say I got to pay. Then he laughed; Well you’ve got to pay yours then.  I pay mine you must pay yours.  Then he say I don’t want it, he always that way, don’t tell me, because you don’t pay and I don’t pay and he just left. Then he just sit out there. Then I sorry for you I know you don’t have any money---so I went outside door.  Later on, and you know, he just stand there, don’t do nothing, so I say, and oh well, little money I don’t know what to do, I mean I just come back inside and so, I write down check and so.


DET. WIKOFF:  So you wrote a check?


MISOOK NOWLIN:  Yeah, and I sign, but I just that moment sort of nervous instead, so he know what he said to me you know. Show me like then---


DET. WIKOFF:  Say that again a little slower?


MISOOK NOWLIN:  I just sat there sort of nervous, because I don’t want to see you no more, I’m tired of you, blah blah blah; bad and stuff.


DET. WIKOFF:  Then you still write the check for dinner?


MISOOK NOWLIN:  I just write down my signature and I tell him here’s the check, I was so nervous I can’t write down (the amount).  He write down.


DET. WIKOFF:  You’re sore that he didn’t write the check?  So you gave him your checkbook? And he wrote the check?


MISOOK NOWLIN:  And then I signed it.


DET. WIKOFF:  Then you signed it?


MISOOK NOWLIN:  Yeah. So I go sit by his car, and told him; why you torture me? And he said, I don’t like your personality.


DET. WIKOFF:  So you said why he hated you so much?


MISOOK NOWLIN:  Yeah, he don’t like my personality.  He don’t like my acting. He don’t like my sneaking around him, but how can I tell? I don’t sneak around, but he makes me sneak around, (an admission of stalking behavior) and I calm down and stuff.




MISOOK NOWLIN:  He’s just looking at me, he always tell me he care for me, he love me.


DET. WIKOFF:  He doesn’t act like it.


MISOOK NOWLIN:  Yeah---I think about why does he call someone else, what’s going on? I mean, little time I curious—--day time I find something on internet stuff he print out. Some email stuff.  I find in his garbage can. Actually, I looking for his garbage can because I want to find out if he have condom there too, and used one. But I find some internet ah, he send to some girlfriend, internet girlfriend, you know, I find something there---He try to look house in Longdale. (naudible) He see me sneaking around, he no lie.


DET. WIKOFF:  Let me understand; Just to make sure.  You’re going through the garbage by his computer?


MISOOK NOWLIN:  By the kitchen---


DET. WIKOFF:  By the kitchen, and, I don’t know what the place looks like, so you go through the garbage and you’re looking for condoms---cause he might have used one on another woman?




DET. WIKOFF:  But instead, you find some internet stuff.


MISOOK NOWLIN:  Yeah. Because why I find the internet stuff---but then I go to Steak and Shake.  He takes it out of the garbage, and using computer papers there right down from where he want to eat; then I bring it home I read a lot of dirty stuff there.  Just send it from Wal-Mart.


DET. WIKOFF:  He’s putting dirty stuff on the internet?


DET. WIKOFF:  He’s printing it out?


DET. WIKOFF:    And then he throws it away?

MISOOK NOWLIN:  Yeah.  He takes it out to put his food. So I am reading this. You know, I am not very happy about this.

DET. WIKOFF:    Sure.

MISOOK NOWLIN:  So I say, Hmm what’s going on?

DET. WIKOFF:  This was last week?

MISOOK NOWLIN:  Last Thursday.  So what’s going on? Find the condom---and I find some strange---I mean just curious. I mean, you know.

DET. WIKOFF:  He wants to embarrass you?


DET. WIKOFF:  Do you still have sex with him sometime?


DET. WIKOFF:  When was the last time you had sex with him?

MISOOK NOWLIN:  Last Saturday at my place.

DET. WIKOFF:  Okay. Last Saturday.  No condoms?


DET. WIKOFF:  Let me get you back to Monday again. You guys have an argument at dinner? You have him write the check. You sign the check. You go outside.


DET. WIKOFF:  You say, why do you hate me so?

MISOOK NOWLIN:  No, we go to his car.

DET. WIKOFF:  You go to his car, which is outside of the restaurant.


DET. WIKOFF:  Okay, so you go out to the car, you say why do you hate me so much? (He say) Cause you’re sneaky, you’re mean to me, and I just don’t want to be around you.


DET. WIKOFF:  Okay, What happened next?

MISOOK NOWLIN:  Then, you know, um, I just tell him I still love him---You know, I care about him; I not sure to do that but he makes me that way, so I’m so defensive---

DET. WIKOFF:  The heart loves where the heart loves. You can’t pick.

MISOOK NOWLIN:  Yeah, The truth is there’s plenty (INAUDIBLE) He don’t listen, you know and also you’ve got to come court for me then and he say no I don’t come to court.  Oh, Bart, --say you should have come home a long time ago, but somehow the judge has a change of face he just come today.

DET. WIKOFF:  You want him to come to court with you?

MISOOK NOWLIN:  Yes, he’s supposed to come. Lawyer ask him to come down until (her court appearance for their domestic abuse case, filed by Bart, is scheduled for day after Christina’s death)

DET. WIKOFF:  So after dinner you’re asking him to come to court with you.


DET. WIKOFF:  And he said, I’m not going.



MISOOK NOWLIN:  Then I telling you, I’m begging you, just one time, help me out!

DET. WIKOFF:  So you’re not saying, I’m  begging you to take me back, love me, so you’re saying, I’m begging you to come to court to keep me out of jail?



MISOOK NOWLIN:  Anyway, he says, maybe-so, so, please, I’m begging you please, just don’t call me that way.  He say, what time is school gets?  I say Two thirty this day.  Okay I see you then Wednesday two thirty, you know.   Okay, then, you know, and um, so you’re not going to see me no more then?  Maybe so, so you see me again then?  He say maybe I see you Thursday. See? He always---first time into me and then after he not see me. Always I’ll see you, I’m not comfortable with this guy, you know.  (inaudible) Just kill me every time I see him.

DET. WIKOFF:  Hmm-mmm (agreeing)

MISOOK NOWLIN:  Still, I missing you. I love you. I don’t know why?

DET. WIKOFF:  Sometimes he’s saying I don’t want to be around you, and then I’ll see you in a couple days.


DET. WIKOFF:  But he still wants to have sex with you.  Okay.

MISOOK NOWLIN:  This is so confusing.

DET. WIKOFF:  Sure. I understand.

MISOOK NOWLIN:  Then I tell him, I see you Wednesday and Thursday too... Then you know, he just take me out of the car, (n an angry voice) “I got to pick Christina up.  I have to pick her up at six o clock” or something like that, and you know, then he is already running late...So then, you know, okay, then I say can you call me tomorrow? He say yes. Call me please? He say yes. Then you know, I just get out of his car, he left there, and he would come around, and I would wait there. His car coming, so I just follow him for a little, I mean, he stopped on some street, ---Why you follow me?

DET. WIKOFF:  Because you’re going the same way?

MISOOK NOWLIN:  Yeah. Okay.  Why you follow me, he say?

DET. WIKOFF:  Because you like in Croxton?


DET. WIKOFF:  And he lives on...

MISOOK NOWLIN:  No, he’s going to Jefferson Street.

DET. WIKOFF:  To get his daughter?


DET. WIKOFF:  So what station, you’re at Avanti’s, so you’re going south in the same direction?

MISOOK NOWLIN:  Yeah, yeah, yeah. So why are you following me, he says?

DET. WIKOFF:  He pulled over on the side street?


DET. WIKOFF:  Did you stop too?

MISOOK NOWLIN:  Yeah. His car is very, very, smoking. I mean, He’s smoking bad. So I try to tell him, what’s going on with your car?  He tell me---there’s something definitely wrong. Car is very smoking.

DET. WIKOFF:  What car does he have?

MISOOK NOWLIN:  He has Dynasty.  Dodge Dynasty 1988

DET. WIKOFF:  A 1988 Dodge Dynasty. Do you know his license plate?

MISOOK NOWLIN:  McNeil 59.  M-C-N-, M-C-N-L ML59

DET. WIKOFF:  Cause 59 that’s his birthday.

MISOOK NOWLIN:  Yes.  I have a same to mine---Misook 65



DET. WIKOFF:  So you say what’s wrong with your car?

MISOOK NOWLIN:  Yeah. Then I assume something wrong with your car because it smoke very much.  He say it’s not engine problem, the fuel problem is from engine. So I say oh you should fix it---it smoke bad. Don’t worry about it, just don’t follow me, I’ll call you tomorrow.


MISOOK NOWLIN:  And then you know---

DET. WIKOFF:  He’s mean to you again? (referring to above)

MISOOK NOWLIN:  Yeah. Yeah. Basically, I call you though. So this---that makes me happy these days, you know. (Laughs a little)  I’m crazy why, then I come home. Then another best friend come working at Anderson---to my place.

DET. WIKOFF:  What’s her name?

MISOOK NOWLIN:  Susie Kaiser

DET. WIKOFF:  Susie Kaiser?

MISOOK NOWLIN:  She come from...

DET. WIKOFF:  She came to your place?


DET. WIKOFF:  Last night, umm


DET. WIKOFF:  Monday night?

MISOOK NOWLIN:  Monday night.

DET. WIKOFF:    After you got home from dinner?


DET. WIKOFF:    What time did Susie get to your place?

MISOOK NOWLIN:  Susie come around seven-thirty.

DET. WIKOFF:    Okay.

MISOOK NOWLIN:  Seven-thirty. I get out of (inaudible understood word -Avanti?)

DET. WIKOFF:    How long did she stay?

MISOOK NOWLIN:  Stay too late. Eleven.

DET. WIKOFF:    What did you guys do?

MISOOK NOWLIN:  Well, we doing ----Another friend walk in, his name is Don Wang; a Chinese guy.  He came over to my place too.

DET. WIKOFF:    So there was...

MISOOK NOWLIN:  Don and Susie.

DET. WIKOFF:    So Don---Don Wang came to your place with another girl named Susie?

MISOOK NOWLIN:  Not together, but separate.

DET. WIKOFF:    They both came to your place.

MISOOK NOWLIN:  Yeah. Susie come first, and then after a while Don come.

DET. WIKOFF:    What’s Susie’s last name?


DET. WIKOFF:    Yeah.

MISOOK NOWLIN:  Last name?

DET. WIKOFF:    Yeah.

MISOOK NOWLIN:  K-a-s-i-e-r, Kaiser

DET. WIKOFF:    Okay. K-a-

MISOOK NOWLIN:  K-a-s-a-i-e-r, Kaiser. I don’t know

DET. WIKOFF:    Kasier, okay. Where does she work?

MISOOK NOWLIN:  She works at Anderson Financial.

DET. WIKOFF:    She works at Anderson Financial?


DET. WIKOFF:    With you?


(sound of bells, metal, cash register ringing)

MISOOK NOWLIN:  I could give name if you want to know (inaudible against sounds) She living here. (naudible; pages turning)

DET. WIKOFF:    What does she goes by, Susie Kaiser?

MISOOK NOWLIN:  Susie, just call her---(inaudible too fast)---You just call her, American

DET. WIKOFF:    Okay, so her address is 1700 N. School Apartment73. Do you have her phone number?


DET. WIKOFF:    Seven three--73 and her phone number is 452-2952-and she goes by the name of Sushie Kaiser.

MISOOK NOWLIN:  Yes, (pronounces name as Sushie) Susie; typical Susie.

DET. WIKOFF:    Not Susie like an American name?

MISOOK NOWLIN:  Yes, Susie (spells it)

DET. WIKOFF:    Okay Susie, okay. And it’s Kaiser, K-A-I-S-E-R. So you have this guy, Don Wang?


DET. WIKOFF:    Don’s name is actually W-A-N-G, and is that Don’s phone number?


DET. WIKOFF:    His phone number is 828-5553. So you’ve got Susie and Don

Mike Burns:  Is that three fives?

DET. WIKOFF:  Yeah, 828-5553. He came over. Don Wang came over.  Susie Kaiser came over. Which was Monday after seven o clock.

MISOOK NOWLIN:  Don came around eight o clock and Susie came around seven thirty. Susie came early, and Yuman called about five thirty---almost at six o clock She come.

DET. WIKOFF:    She was there before you got home?

MISOOK NOWLIN:  Yeah. Oh no, no, no. Yuman I get at work on internet

DET. WIKOFF:    Before you went to dinner---?


DET. WIKOFF:    That would be Yuman?


DET. WIKOFF:    Yuman Aldridge?


DET. WIKOFF:    Okay. Mike, that’s going to be Yuman spelled Y-U-M-A-N Aldridge A-L-D-R-I-D-G-E. And her phone number is 827-3759, 1206 South Clayton.  Is that where she still works? 1206 South Clayton? Is Les her husband?


DET. WIKOFF:    Les is her husband.  Now have you talked to any of these folks since Christina died?


DET. WIKOFF:    Did you talk to any of them yesterday?

MISOOK NOWLIN:  I talked to Tita a second before I go see Bart---

DET. WIKOFF:    Say that again.

MISOOK NOWLIN:  I go see, I call Tita Escobar.

DET. WIKOFF:    Tita, right. This is the mother of Christina?


DET. WIKOFF:    Right

MISOOK NOWLIN:  And I ask me, you know, I don’t know why I want to talk to her.  Oh, He has some kind of disk of mine for computer he took from me some you know work, see? So I want to tell him what to bring to me then that there, then you know that laptop is at his place. I felt that Tita maybe she is going to pick it up instead there.  So I tell her---Are we supposed---

DET. WIKOFF:    (Is this) After dinner?


DET. WIKOFF:    Before diner. You called about the computer disk?

MISOOK NOWLIN:  Yeah. I call Tita.  No, that’s why I call for Bart, but he’s not home he already left. So I thought he pick up Christina, so I go call Tita’s house, is go Bart’s there she say no.

DET. WIKOFF:    Okay.

MISOOK NOWLIN:  She say no because he has computer put the net on. So I say okay and I hang up the phone. Then I talk to Yuman and stuff. Then Susie and then Don stop by.  Then what we are doing, we go out together, actually (pause) we go Don’s car to ISU (name of pool hall-pronounced Iyusha ) to shoot the pool place. I don’t know. (She skips the part where she and Bart go to Avanti’s)

DET. WIKOFF:    Okay I know. It’s near the Farmers State sign.  You guys shoot pool across from that.

MISOOK NOWLIN:  I actually sit down; I don’t know, sit down and watch them play game. The full game stuff.  We get out of there around nine-thirty.

DET. WIKOFF: You got there at 9:30?

MISOOK NOWLIN:  No, no we leaving there at eight o clock. Don come over there and he want me to play.

DET. WIKOFF:    Does he rock; does he shoot pool a lot? Or Play pool a lot?

MISOOK NOWLIN:  Yes, I don’t know---Maybe

DET. WIKOFF:    Sorry, I’m just being unreal. The three of them went up to barn to shoot pool on Monday night.

MISOOK NOWLIN:  Okay. After that, ah, nine thirty we left there I think.  Don took me and Susie home. He left her there. He drop her off but he want to stop by but she know (he don’t mess with me?)

DET. WIKOFF:    Your upset?

MISOOK NOWLIN:  He talk to me YOU KNOW forget him


DET. WIKOFF:    Where does he work?

MISOOK NOWLIN:  Don works in at ah Caterpillar.

DET. WIKOFF:    So Don Wang works at Caterpillar?  Okay.  So he drops you and Susie off . . .


DET. WIKOFF:    Then he leaves.


DET. WIKOFF:    And what else did you and Susie do?

MISOOK NOWLIN:  Susie go---she go inside she have dinner cause she didn’t have dinner yet.

DET. WIKOFF:    Oh, Geeze.  Alright.

MISOOK NOWLIN:  I know.  So she eat Korean. . . .

DET. WIKOFF:    She ate Korean at your place?

MISOOK NOWLIN:  Yeah,---and I just was talking to her about Bart. I really love him---

DET. WIKOFF:    So were you crying and upset . . . doing the girl to girl thing?

[Both Misook and Detective Wikoff were talking over each other at this time and Misook is also talking with laughter]

MISOOK NOWLIN:  Yeah.  I not cry this time; but you know, I try to forget him but you know I can’t do that now and that kind of thing.

DET. WIKOFF:    Right. And he’s basically---(inaudible)

MISOOK NOWLIN:  Yeah, and that kind of thing.  Yeah, we’ll figure it all out.

DET. WIKOFF:    How long did Susie stay at your place?

MISOOK NOWLIN:  She stay till ten thirty almost eleven o clock.

DET. WIKOFF:    Almost 11:00.

MISOOK NOWLIN:  Yeah. Because---she say, I Ask her---You want to stay at my place? She say she kind of tired going out tonight and she said I’m kind of tired ---

DET. WIKOFF:    Okay.

MISOOK NOWLIN:  ---and she left.

DET. WIKOFF:    She lives clear up in Normal?

Yeah.  Aha.

DET. WIKOFF:    Okay.

MISOOK NOWLIN:  And I just go take shower and I just go try to sleep and at 12:30, my brother from Korea, he call me.

DET. WIKOFF:    (feign surprise) Oh.

MISOOK NOWLIN:  Yeah, and he ask me about my sister’s telephone number, so I give him my sister telephone number and after that I sleep.

DET. WIKOFF:    So, if we were to check telephone records or something---


DET. WIKOFF:  You should have got a phone call from Korea around 12:30?

MISOOK NOWLIN:      Yeah.  12:30 or 1:00

DET. WIKOFF:  Oh.  How long did you talk to him for?

MISOOK NOWLIN:      Oh, just a minute, he wanted to know---he in office---he want to know my sister’s telephone number.

DET. WIKOFF:    If its midnight here, what time is it in Korea?

MISOOK NOWLIN:  Korea is, I think---ah---12:00 here, one, two, three---about 3:00 in morning time.

DET. WIKOFF:    3:00 in the morning?


DET. WIKOFF:  So it’s in the middle of the day!  So he calls you in the middle of the night?

MISOOK NOWLIN:  Yeah, yeah.

DET. WIKOFF:    Okay, so---

Mike Burns: What time was her call?

[Det Wikoff speaks over Det. Burns]


Mike Burns:  What time did your brother call from Korea?

MISOOK NOWLIN:  Ohhh---12:30 or 1:00 or between then, you know.

DET. WIKOFF:    Okay twelve thirty or one---Pretty late in the night.

MISOOK NOWLIN:  Yeah. Yeah.  Almost sleep.  Somebody calls.  Yeah, yeah.

DET. WIKOFF:    You’re asleep and somebody calls in the middle of the night---and you probably think---I just got to sleep and…you know.

DET. WIKOFF:    You probably figured, geeze, it’s probably Bart doing something stupid.

MISOOK NOWLIN:  Yeah, yeah.  (agreeing)    No, no, no, I thought, I hope Bart calls.

DET. WIKOFF:    Oh, you were hoping it was Bart, okay, but it was just your brother.

MISOOK NOWLIN:  Yeah, Yeah, that’s right.  He don’t say very much. He ask me for my sister’s telephone number and then after that, I sleep till morning time.

DET. WIKOFF:    You went to sleep after that.  Okay.

MISOOK NOWLIN:  I sleep till morning time---and my ex-husband stopped by early morning about six o’clock.

DET. WIKOFF:    Andy Nowlin from Heyworth?

MISOOK NOWLIN:  Yeah.  He had to---

DET. WIKOFF:    Six o’clock in the morning?

MISOOK NOWLIN:  Yeah.  He go to work at seven o’clock---he had to bring me some stuff for my daughter.

DET. WIKOFF:    Okay.

MISOOK NOWLIN:  He already told me day before, you know.

DET. WIKOFF:    He was going to come by?

MISOOK NOWLIN:  Yeah, yeah.

DET. WIKOFF:    So---he stopped by your place at six o’clock?


DET. WIKOFF:    he dropped some stuff off for your daughter?

MISOOK NOWLIN:  Yeah, some clothes and

DET. WIKOFF:    ---For Michelle?

MISOOK NOWLIN:  You know. Yeah---and you know, I shower (inaudible)

DET. WIKOFF:    How do you get along?

MISOOK NOWLIN:  Oh, okay.  Yeah, we’re good friends.  Oh yeah.

DET. WIKOFF:    Does he know Bart’s driving you crazy?

MISOOK NOWLIN:  Yeah, yeah.

DET. WIKOFF:    Okay.  Did he stay with you?


DET. WIKOFF:    Andy.  Did he stay and talk to you?

MISOOK NOWLIN:  In the morning time? No, he got to go to work.

DET. WIKOFF:    He just dropped off . . . okay.

MISOOK NOWLIN:  Yeah. Yeah.  [inaudible]---You know---You know.  He only has five minutes I say.  Yeah, I still love him---He knows what’s going on.  Probably if you talk to him right now, just like that---probably Andy know everything that’s going on.  Right now, just like that.  He know my problems. First thing I talk to my ex-husband.  We are very close.  Very close.   He just got married, but he did not have a girlfriend for five months.  But we are just like good friend.  You know---tell problems.

DET. WIKOFF:    Would it bother you if we called Andy and talk to him about that??

MISOOK NOWLIN:  Sure, no problem.  No problem.

DET. WIKOFF:    Okay.  Okay.  So Andy just got married?

MISOOK NOWLIN:  Yeah. She work at Firestone

DET. WIKOFF:    (inaudible ) Up in Normal, Firestone?


DET. WIKOFF:    What’s his new wife’s name?

MISOOK NOWLIN:  Dawn Shannon.  D-E-A-N; Dawn---Shannon.

DET. WIKOFF:    Shannon?

MISOOK NOWLIN:  Yeah.  Dawn Shannon. I think I can look it up in book.  This is it, Andy home phone.

[Misook retrieves her phone book from her purse and shows it to Det Wikoff]

DET. WIKOFF:    So, this is Andy’s phone number? [Det. Wikoff points to a number in Misook’s telephone book].

MISOOK NOWLIN:  No.  This---[Misook shows Det. Wikoff from her book] Yeah.   This is it, this is the telephone number.

DET. WIKOFF:    Her ex-husband’s phone number---Mike, this is Andy’s phone number:  309.473.3852; and he’s got a new wife, named Dawn.


DET. WIKOFF:    Dee . . . how about Deanne?

MISOOK NOWLIN:  I don’t know for sure. Different than---

DET. WIKOFF:    So, Andy’s married again?


DET. WIKOFF:    But you guys still get along?

MISOOK NOWLIN:  Yeah, you know.

DET. WIKOFF:    So did he drop Michelle off with you?

MISOOK NOWLIN:  Yeah, Yeah, Usual---usually---no, not that morning.  But usually he drop her off on Saturday, not on a working day.  He drop her off and I can keep her---

DET. WIKOFF:    Oh, cause you have to work again?  It’s Tuesday morning!

MISOOK NOWLIN:  Yeah.  Yeah.

DET. WIKOFF:    You got to go back to work.  Okay.

MISOOK NOWLIN:  Yeah, yeah.  Eight o’clock.

DET. WIKOFF:    Okay.  Do you get to work on time?

MISOOK NOWLIN:  Yeah, yeah I do. I do.

DET. WIKOFF:    When did you find out Christina had died?

MISOOK NOWLIN:  Okay.  I told someone before.  I call him about every day. Okay.  I call to Tita just because she has mine (computer disk?). So I ask if he has this so I can go to his place [inaudible due to talking over Misook] Then nobody answer telephone.

DET. WIKOFF:    And nobody answered the phone?

MISOOK NOWLIN:  Yeah, no one answer telephone.

DET. WIKOFF:    At what time was it that you try to call him?

MISOOK NOWLIN:  Maybe 7:40.

DET. WIKOFF:    7:40?


MISOOK NOWLIN:      Nobody answers---

DET. WIKOFF:    Yeah---

MISOOK NOWLIN:      ---the telephone and nobody answer the telephone.  I say, hmmmm– I think that’s strange, he doesn’t answer the telephone at this time. His telephone---(Here’s a guy who doesn’t want to be called. He’s asked her to stop calling him.  Why would she now worry that he doesn’t want to answer her call?)

DET. WIKOFF:    Let me ask you a question.  I know that if I call somebody, and they’re on the internet, the phone rings a couple of times, and then it’s busy.

MISOOK NOWLIN:  Ohhh---It’s always busy.

DET. WIKOFF:    It’s always busy?

MISOOK NOWLIN:  Yeah, the phone never rings at all.

DET. WIKOFF:    If I call my house and we are on the internet, it rings twice and then I get a busy signal.

MISOOK NOWLIN:  Really?  That’s odd.

DET. WIKOFF:    But I have a different phone company.


DET. WIKOFF:    So you called his house around 7:40 in the morning.  How did you know it was 7:40?

MISOOK NOWLIN:  I---get ready for work.

DET. WIKOFF:    Okay, so you’re getting ready for work.  So you called at 7:40.  No answer or busy?

MISOOK NOWLIN:  Yeah.  It was busy, actually.  Phone is busy.

DET. WIKOFF:    So if you call---does he have call waiting?


DET. WIKOFF:    No call waiting?


DET. WIKOFF:    So you’re on the phone or you’re on the internet?


DET. WIKOFF:    Okay.

MISOOK NOWLIN:  Yeah.  So I know he must be on computer but he has cell phone to check up on.  So I tell him, um, and I mean, I try to decide if I should call him on his cell phone, or maybe not, and I thought, maybe I should not bother him again. (inaudible)

DET. WIKOFF:    So you didn’t call his cell?

MISOOK NOWLIN:  In the morning time I been calling him, you know.  I know he works on Monday morning and on Tuesday morning, you know.  So I know he goes to work Tuesday morning. He has Wednesday off.  So I go to Dental Lab and I call there again.  His place.  See if he go to work.  And someone answers, from fire or something, and another guy say he is police station or something.  So I think, what’s going on?

DET. WIKOFF:    So you call his place and there are firemen and cops there?

MISOOK NOWLIN:  Yeah. So I call and ask if I can talk to Bart please, and Bart answers the telephone. Then, No! Actually, a woman answers---ah, ah---.  Hi, Mrs. McNeil.  Everyone think I am Bart’s wife.  They are talking, talking, you know.  I want you to come over here because some problem, or you know, something.  (changes voice to sweetness) I say, can I talk with Bart, please?  Bart gets on telephone and he’s crying, crying, crying---and I say, Bart, what’s wrong?  Don’t worry about it.  (in ANGRY voice) Don’t come over here. I say, what’s wrong?  Then I know I should not go, but, you know, I should not have called but my boyfriend is crying and I just want to know.

DET. WIKOFF:    Sure.  You don’t know what’s wrong.

MISOOK NOWLIN:  Yeah, I just want to know so I can tell my boss.  He call me---. I just call him my ex-boyfriend? I don’t know what to call him.

DET. WIKOFF:    Sure that’s fine.

I don’t know he told me about it.  Or boyfriend?  My boyfriend has such a problem, terrible place. I say I have one hour to go see it, find out what’s going on---.

DET. WIKOFF:    Sure, you could take an hour off to go see it---

MISOOK NOWLIN:  Yes, So, then I go take my lunch time, then he say go ahead. So I go..

DET. WIKOFF:    Right.

MISOOK NOWLIN:  By the way, his place, evidence of cop cars there.  We stand outside.  So I go there.  Everyone there thought I was his wife.  They come to me.  Don’t surprise. Bart says, no, she’s not my wife, she’s my FRIEND.  He call me friend.  He didn’t say girlfriend, he called me just a friend. It makes me feel really bad though.  I tell him what happened.  What wrong, Bart?  He say, Chris is dead.  And I said WHAT? I mean, you know.  I can’t believe this time, you know.  What I mean, lie to me? And he say, yeah Chris is dead.

DET. WIKOFF:    Did you think he was lying to you?

MISOOK NOWLIN:  Yeah.  Then, then, it was like BANG!  You know, you know?  I just cry like hell that night, (oops? Did she really mean to say in the night?) in morning time, you know?

DET. WIKOFF:    What did you do after you found out what happened?  Where did you go from there?

MISOOK NOWLIN:  Well, I stayed almost thirty forty minutes.

DET. WIKOFF:    You stuck around for a while?

MISOOK NOWLIN:  Yeah, and he didn’t want me to stay inside, you know.  And I’m still worried about it, you know.  And I saw Tita come in, and she is crazy too, you know.  I stay in my car though.

DET. WIKOFF:    Did Tita say anything to you real mean?

MISOOK NOWLIN:  In the mean time?

DET. WIKOFF:    Yes.

MISOOK NOWLIN:  No, she not see me.

DET. WIKOFF:    No, no.  I mean on the phone?  You didn’t see her or talk to her on the phone or anything that morning?


DET. WIKOFF:    I thought you said you saw Tita and she was going crazy too.

MISOOK NOWLIN:  Yes, No, I saw her outside my car with some guy coming past me to Bart’s house, and she’s coming and she’s crying. She cry like this. (Misook doesn’t go up and say how sorry she is? After all, they know each other and share Christina)

DET. WIKOFF:    Did she say anything to you?

MISOOK NOWLIN:  No. no, She didn’t see me, I say.

DET. WIKOFF:    Oh, okay, alright.

MISOOK NOWLIN:  Then I saw then, and I want to know what’s going on too, but you know. It’s just like to me the other woman not being seen; I feel like the other woman---So I say, I better go to work now and I come back at lunch time for to look if I can---and I come back lunch time.  I want to know what’s going on. Go to his place again. Should I stop, or keep talking again?

DET. WIKOFF:    No, no keep talking.

MISOOK NOWLIN:  Lunch time after work, and I tell my boss I probably take lunch time, I worry so much about my boyfriend, find out what’s going on. So I just go to his place, by the way, and he decide he don’t want me to come inside….so, he find out I am checking on his conscience and he don’t trust me no more, so.

Mike Burns:  Excuse me, I’m sorry.  You go back there at lunch time?


Mike Burns: ---and he’s there?


Mike Burns: Just him?

MISOOK NOWLIN:  Yeah, I don’t know who’s inside.

DET. WIKOFF:    But he didn’t want you to go inside?

MISOOK NOWLIN:  No, I don’t go inside---just coming out to talk to me a second. (She begins to talk very fast at this point) He brings the cops outside. We sit down. That time he was nice to me this time. And, you know, I still love you.  Happy to see me? He cry.  (Bart says to me) It seems it was my fault, which I don’t have to mention, nothings like that happened, and you know, going on, listen to me. He just tell me nicer that time, you know. Don’t worry over nothing.  Just I’ll see him.  Just a little while leave me alone.

DET. WIKOFF:    Okay.

MISOOK NOWLIN:  So after that…

DET. WIKOFF:    So he was a little nicer?

MISOOK NOWLIN:  Yeah, yeah.  Nice to me. And then, um, So I still want---so what you going to do tomorrow? Visitation or something? Something’s going on?  (Isn’t she upset about his daughter?) Find out what’s going on for Wednesday? Then I say, will you call me tomorrow?  And he said, yeah, he would call me tomorrow.

DET. WIKOFF:    Okay.

MISOOK NOWLIN:  That time he is nice to me.  Then I go home and call his brother, so I think---

DET. WIKOFF:    Whose brother?

MISOOK NOWLIN:  Bart’s brother.

DET. WIKOFF:    Bart’s brother in Champaign?

MISOOK NOWLIN:  Yeah. In Champaign.

DET. WIKOFF:    What’s his name?


DET. WIKOFF:    Bret?


DET. WIKOFF:    McNeil?


DET. WIKOFF:    Does he work in a TV store?

MISOOK NOWLIN:  I don’t know, I have his telephone number though.

DET. WIKOFF:    Here?


DET. WIKOFF:    What’s that? [Misook looks at her address book for Bret’s number] This would be Bart’s brother in Champaign, Mike. 367.9686 is going to be Bret McNeil’s number at work in Champaign.

MISOOK NOWLIN:  Then, I call him up and, ah---

DET. WIKOFF:    Does he like you? Do you guys get along okay?

MISOOK NOWLIN:  Yeah, yeah.  We saw him be maybe five or six time. We must be good friends.  So far like that---

DET. WIKOFF:    So what did he say about Christina dying?

MISOOK NOWLIN:   He kind of shocked too.  He ask me what’s the use---for Bart’s mom and dad telephone number from New York. I say I don’t know.

DET. WIKOFF:    Okay, He doesn’t know his mom and dad’s phone number?


DET. WIKOFF:    Are they not a close family?

MISOOK NOWLIN:  I don’t think so.

DET. WIKOFF:    How often does Bart talk to his brother?

MISOOK NOWLIN:  Until we---I saw him last year first time.  Ah, like around November---or October I think. First time I visit them before that they don’t see each other talk for three years.

DET. WIKOFF:    Oh really? Three years? Okay.

MISOOK NOWLIN:  Yeah, Ah-huh.

DET. WIKOFF:    Okay.

MISOOK NOWLIN:  Bart is not like a family person.  He is very--- keep to himself, all this time, and I don’t like his attitude---he is very cold person.  I am very family type, just loving now.

DET. WIKOFF:    That’s another reason you don’t get along?

MISOOK NOWLIN:  Yeah, I want to do more; to do different things together. He always going computer or doing sit down and watching TV.

DET. WIKOFF:    Did you go over to his apartment anytime after dinner at Avanti’s? Did you go to his apartment anytime before the next morning?


DET. WIKOFF:    Okay.  You didn’t drive by to see if he was home?


DET. WIKOFF:    You didn’t.  Let’s see, it was too far to walk.  You didn’t---Like after---You knew he was picking up Christina around seven o’clock or so, and you knew he had car trouble. Did you ever drive by his parking lot to see if his car was there?

MISOOK NOWLIN:  Which I---cause my friend’s supposed to come to my place.

DET. WIKOFF:    Right.


DET. WIKOFF:    You knew you were having company?


DET. WIKOFF:    Yes, when you guys left your apartment, and John (He meant to say Don) brought his car to the billiard center to play pool and stuff, did you see John drive by his apartment?


DET. WIKOFF:    Or say can we stop for a minute just for me to say hello or anything like that. Okay. When you guys left the billiards, the place up in Normal, did---you went back to your apartment. Did John dropped you and Susie out, did you stop at Bart’s apartment on the way back?


DET. WIKOFF:    Okay, so after supper at Avanti’s you didn’t go to his place? And you didn’t call or anything?


DET. WIKOFF:    And you didn’t stop by and see him or anything like that?


DET. WIKOFF:    Okay, um, and you don’t mind.  See, we call this an alibi.  We’re not asking you where were you the night something happened. Now we don’t know why the baby died. We don’t know why the little girl died.

MISOOK NOWLIN:  Yeah why they thinking by now?  (DEFENSIVE)


DET. WIKOFF:    They will. They’re just not done yet.




DET. WIKOFF:    By the end of today we should know.


MISOOK NOWLIN:  Oh, oh, okay


DET. WIKOFF:    But we check everybody; where they were; what they were doing. We went all through this with Bart last night; He’s back here today, talking to us, so we’re not picking on you.


MISOOK NOWLIN:  I know, I know


DET. WIKOFF:    We’ll have Tita come in and
we’ll talk to her about everything to see what she knew. Just to make sure everybody is telling us pretty much the same thing over and over. So, you found out yesterday morning the first time---seven in the morning---


MISOOK NOWLIN:  No, seven thirty


DET. WIKOFF:    Between 7:40 and a quarter to 8 before you went to work you called and you didn’t get an answer?  Then when you did find out that Christina had died, and you said just go it alone since you found out that Christina had died up until today, when I called you and said to come down and see us, did you talk to either Susie Or John Wang, or your other friend Yuman Aldridge?  Did you talk to any of them?


MISOOK NOWLIN:  Yeah. No I don’t.


DET. WIKOFF:    Do they know Christina died?




DET. WIKOFF:    Okay. Did they know that you were going to come to talk to us?




DET. WIKOFF:    Okay when was it that you talked to Yuman?


MISOOK NOWLIN:  Yuman, after I find out, at work, about nine o clock. And I tell, and I tell that I cry and stuff. In my call, supposed to stay working, and she say yes, she going to come at nine thirty, Thursday, but she not going to work today because Christina has died.


DET. WIKOFF:    Okay. What time---When did you tell her?


MISOOK NOWLIN:  About nine o clock before I---I go to work. I call in come late and she shock and don’t come to work. I call her she not going to work. Around 8:15 to nine o clock.


DET. WIKOFF:    Around 8:15-9 o clock you told her that Christina had died.


MISOOK NOWLIN:  She’s shock and I tell her don’t come to work. And she my BEST friend. Know her for ten years.


DET. WIKOFF:    Next question, When did you tell Susie that Christina---


MISOOK NOWLIN:  Susie, actually, I tell her after I go to work last night six o clock


DET. WIKOFF:    Okay around six o clock Tuesday night. You told Susie Christina had died




DET. WIKOFF:    Then you talked to John?




DET. WIKOFF:    John Wang?


MISOOK NOWLIN:  Don? (correcting him)


DET. WIKOFF:    Oh, sorry.  Don Wang, Excuse me.


MISOOK NOWLIN:  Don, I did that before. About five thirty day before---


DET. WIKOFF:    Did you tell Don that Susie had died?


MISOOK NOWLIN:  No, Christina died.


DET. WIKOFF:    Oh, I’m sorry, there’s a lot of names.  Did you tell Don that Christina had died?




DET. WIKOFF:    And that was around five thirty.




DET. WIKOFF:    Yesterday afternoon?




DET. WIKOFF:    Okay. Okay, um. That’s what we’re trying to find out.  We’re trying to find out who knows what and how they found out and stuff like that. Do you have any idea why Christina could have died?


MISOOK NOWLIN:  Well, the one thing I can consider right now, I talked to Bart about that too, but she looks like she’s sleeping and dying, she has (not) a problem with health. I’m living with her for three years.  I mean, she always got a sick. I mean, every time I see her she has to take medicine or asthma problem or something, oh always sick.  I don’t know maybe that caused---allergy


DET. WIKOFF:    Was she happy? Was she a happy kid? Even when she was sick? Or was she moody like her dad? OR Was she happy like you?


MISOOK NOWLIN:  She more like her dad.


DET. WIKOFF:    She gets moody too?


MISOOK NOWLIN:  Yeah. She’s very cold child.


DET. WIKOFF:    A cold child.


MISOOK NOWLIN:  Yeah, I mean I can see right there, Bart tell me same thing, She just like(s) me.


DET. WIKOFF:    Oh really?


MISOOK NOWLIN:  Yeah I do very several year with my ex-husband. I see lot of different children. She’s difficult.


DET. WIKOFF:    She’s difficult to get along with?




DET. WIKOFF:    Okay. And even so, did you ever do any discipline on her?  Did you ever spank her or send her to her room or anything like that?


MISOOK NOWLIN:  No, no. Even if we don’t----My daughter and her play together and she do something wrong, I tell my daughter don’t do that, I never, that’s my problem, you know too, maybe I respect my daughter, that’s my daughter, but you know, and I never touch her or nothing,


DET. WIKOFF:    Never do anything to Christine? When you spank your daughter, and not a problem with that, and that’s not a problem, do you just use your hand?


MISOOK NOWLIN:  Yes--—I don’t do now (defensively)


DET. WIKOFF:    Well, she’s seven or eight.


MISOOK NOWLIN:  No, I never spank nothing now.


(Three weeks later Misook has a child abuse charge for hurting her own daughter, Michelle)


DET. WIKOFF:    Well, did you spank her with your hand or did you use like a paddle or brush?


MISOOK NOWLIN:  No, (mumble) hands you know. Just use hands.


DET. WIKOFF:    Um, Do you know of anybody that would want to hurt Christina? Anybody, any adults that wouldn’t like Christina?


MISOOK NOWLIN:  One time, I don’t know. One time Christina has a bruise something, I tell Bart, what happened do you think? He say it comes from school, Thursday,  Ah how you know, then he said well work you can get, He doesn’t get rid of Tita sick or something? or I just talk to him , Tita sick? “I hope not”.


DET. WIKOFF:    He said maybe school or something like that?


MISOOK NOWLIN:  He tell me it come from school.


DET. WIKOFF:    Okay, Daycare---Really, Daycare.


Mike Burns:  Where’s that?


MISOOK NOWLIN:  Ask around Daycare.


DET. WIKOFF:    Okay, Does Tita spank Christina?


MISOOK NOWLIN:  I don’t know.


DET. WIKOFF:    How do you and Tita get along?


MISOOK NOWLIN:  Used to be she hate me because I get---take away her husband—Now’s okay, I mean, last time I see her pick her up a couple weeks ago I pick up Saturday night cause Bart had to work until eight or eight thirty.


DET. WIKOFF:    Based on Christina?


MISOOK NOWLIN:  Yeah, lot a time I pick up Christina at Tita’s house. And suddenly---Oh, she try to talk to the---don’t like the bar smoke, and I think Bart still smoke a lot. And Bart better be little careful.  I think Bart still smoke a lot.


DET. WIKOFF:    Around her?


MISOOK NOWLIN:  So, and you know, and she can smell clothes from---.  Can I ask what time is it?


DET. WIKOFF:    It’s about twelve after one—--So you’re not due in court for an hour yet?


MISOOK NOWLIN:  Okay, that’s fine. And um, you guys have something to do? (mumble)


DET. WIKOFF:    Yeah we’re fine.  Nothing’s more important right now than this thing.


MISOOK NOWLIN:  Okay.  She try to ask me about. She got out of him question what he does and stuff. Bart smoking a lot.


DET. WIKOFF:    Bart and what he does and stuff?  Because she can probably smell on Christina’s clothes.


MISOOK NOWLIN:  Yeah, I don’t know he used to, he smoke a lot but now I don’t living with him so know what is going on.  But I can see him smoking a lot cause I can always place that smell.


DET. WIKOFF:    When he’s playing on the computer?


MISOOK NOWLIN:  Ah Yeah, he smoking---


DET. WIKOFF:    And she’s is sitting there watching TV.


MISOOK NOWLIN:  This is what I say to him: You don’t love your daughter, you keep smoking or go outside.


DET. WIKOFF:    Okay.


MISOOK NOWLIN:  In fact, I go a lot of time his place, I know he smoking there.


DET. WIKOFF:    Did um, When Christina sleeps at Bart’s house, which is a pretty regular thing, where does she sleep?


MISOOK NOWLIN:  She usually sleeps on couch.


DET. WIKOFF:    Usually sleep on the couch.  Okay. Would she sometimes sleep in the bed, Bart’s bed?


MISOOK NOWLIN:  Around or in the middle---?


DET. WIKOFF:    Either way.  Both. When you are there would she sleep in Bart’s bed or on the couch?


MISOOK NOWLIN:  Usually she sleep bed.


DET. WIKOFF:    When you’re there too?


MISOOK NOWLIN:  Yeah.  No I put her on the couch because we got to sleep together in bed.


DET. WIKOFF:    You and Bart sleep together on the couch?


MISOOK NOWLIN:  Yeah. No,on the bed.


DET. WIKOFF:    Not the couch?


MISOOK NOWLIN:  Yeah, we put her on the couch.


DET. WIKOFF:    So you put her on the couch?




DET. WIKOFF:    And when you’re not there, does Christine sleep in the bed with Bart?


MISOOK NOWLIN:  Yeah, in bed with Bart.


DET. WIKOFF:    She usually sleeps with Bart when you’re not there?




DET. WIKOFF:    Okay. Did Christina mind when you’re there, does she mind sleeping on the couch?


MISOOK NOWLIN:  Sometime I take her to bed and she sleep good, she get up in the middle of the night, usually she gets up in the middle of the night, come to bed, ask to sleep with her or ---


DET. WIKOFF:    Is that okay with you?




DET. WIKOFF:    It’s not a problem?


MISOOK NOWLIN:      Yes, she living with us, you know, she---yeah, she just looking out, she come to me crying and I want to care for her more than Bart.


DET. WIKOFF:    Yeah you say you hold her, because Bart’s kind of cold.


MISOOK NOWLIN:  Yeah, yeah, I just hold her, sweetheart, She always come bed to us in the middle of the night. She come to our bed.


DET. WIKOFF:    She’s not afraid of you, She doesn’t say mean things to you?


MISOOK NOWLIN:  No, no, no she doesn’t---


DET. WIKOFF:    So she gets along with you.




DET. WIKOFF:    Um, and once again I’m going to repeat this just for you as we go on: You went to work Monday morning. You worked at the Dental lab. You didn’t go to work at Anderson Monday night. You said, Bart, let’s get together at ---Let’s go get dinner? Bart’s supposed to pick up Christina. You say, well, bring Christina along. You meet at Avanti’s at six. He doesn’t bring Christina. You guys have a litle argument at dinner and then you get up to leave and Bart has no money. So you take your checkbook and your upset and you let him write the check and you sign it. Then you go out to the car to talk some more. You say, why you hate me so much?  And he says, cause you sneaky, checking up on me all the time, I don’t like it, when really he’s probably doing worse sneaking and snooping than you are. (Opinion) ---What with the condoms and the emails and stuff like that.


MISOOK NOWLIN:  I know that he actually he moving up. The reason is, I find my email, in the nude together.  A woman, I find three time like that and I told him that. I don’t like that. Please don’t do like that.


DET. WIKOFF:    So you dirty of yourself---(inaudible)---you gotta understand.


MISOOK NOWLIN:  Yeah, dirty pictures.


DET. WIKOFF:    Sex talk?


MISOOK NOWLIN:  Yeah, not just talk but picture.  He send them to multi friends. I tell him you know. (inaudible) You started with this till I met you? A lot of people are going there too.


DET. WIKOFF:    Was he ever looking at anything dirty pictures of kids?  Or just grown ups?


MISOOK NOWLIN:  You know what, I don’t know but I should tell you this but he actually sleeps naked with Christina.


DET. WIKOFF:    He sleeps naked with Christa?




DET. WIKOFF:  Does he ever touch Christa?


MISOOK NOWLIN:  I don’t know. I tell him that too, Then too I really know nothing.


DET. WIKOFF:    Naked all the time?


MISOOK NOWLIN:  Even my daughter see him naked.


DET. WIKOFF:    Sure


MISOOK NOWLIN:  So I tell him, I don’t like that.


DET. WIKOFF:    So back to the question, Is he just like at the naked girl pictures or naked ladies on the internet?  Or is he looking at naked guys and little kids?  People having sex and stuff like that?




DET. WIKOFF:    But not with little kids?


MISOOK NOWLIN:  No, my daughter a couple times, I am not home---my daughter couple times, he’s on internet doing things.  She tell me about it.


DET. WIKOFF:    He likes the adult stuff on the internet?


MISOOK NOWLIN:  I don’t know. I never see. He never show me those kinds.


DET. WIKOFF:    Well, sure.


MISOOK NOWLIN:  I use same computer too.


DET. WIKOFF:    You get email too?


MISOOK NOWLIN:  Yeah. Mine is Misook.


DET. WIKOFF:    Billing, does he pay for both?


MISOOK NOWLIN:  I don’t know why cause he was having communication problem.  He don’t want to listen to me. He don’t want to talk to me at all.  So I thought it was one idea maybe I talk to him and send email.


DET. WIKOFF:    How do you send him an email?


MISOOK NOWLIN:  How? Look, I got same computer. I send email.


DET. WIKOFF:    And your email is  Do you pay your own bill?


MISOOK NOWLIN:  Together---but we can have two emails. So I send to him, all the time, I love you.


DET. WIKOFF:    Instead of leaving a note on the refrigerator, you send him emails?




DET. WIKOFF:    Okay.


MISOOK NOWLIN:  Then you know he never send me so I---


DET. WIKOFF:    But he talks dirty to---?


MISOOK NOWLIN:  Other people.


DET. WIKOFF:    Alright, alright, okay.  (Leading the witness)


MISOOK NOWLIN:  So that’s why I say , see I know he got new job at Applebee cause he told me last time somehow, I find out, then, and he lie to me. He always tell me I snoop around him. I lie to him. But I never lie to him, you know, even if I go out with my Don or my friend, you know, I tell him true.  But he always lie to me different thing. I know then, I know then.  He got a new job at Applebee he started next June 29, you know, why? I called Applebee and I find out. He lie to me.


DET. WIKOFF:    Sure.


MISOOK NOWLIN:  Also he call Malaysia to email girlfriend, at ATT and he got her to pay $162 telephone bill.


DET. WIKOFF:    Oh, really?


MISOOK NOWLIN:  So How I find out---


DET. WIKOFF:    So he’s working on another girlfriend someplace?


MISOOK NOWLIN:  Yeah, yeah. So how I find out is, I working for GPE I keep looking people’s things (giggles) I looking for his telephone number it’s not going up.  His telephone number is temporary service.




MISOOK NOWLIN:  Yeah. Because he moving out of my place for this place only six months lease. Cause he want to walk out with me. He moving out on me.  So he supposed to sign lease for one year, but he sign for six months, probably but he do long distance call to ATT, you know, so I mean, I just curios---


DET. WIKOFF:    And you can find that out at work?


MISOOK NOWLIN:  Yeah, I can find that at ATT different company


DET. WIKOFF:    Sure


MISOOK NOWLIN:  But you know I can find GPE if look on my computer, his number is not coming up, so I find out a different way, so whatever different way – but he’s temporary service.


DET. WIKOFF:    So you know he’s making calls to Malaysia.


MISOOK NOWLIN:  I don’t know that till---I know ATT long distance internet company for ATT; so one day, morning, asking this this, sometime in the morning time, I call my place, ATT.  Ask him this, Usually I am customer service so I know what’s going on. I have something real problem, could you tell me why my telephone bill is so high? Oh what is your telephone number.  I give them his telephone number.  Then they tell me you call Malaysia. May 11.  Seventy two minutes to Malaysia. For Cost is $132.00.


DET. WIKOFF:    Yeah. Malaysia?


MISOOK NOWLIN:  Yeah. May 11, for Seventy two minutes, to Malaysia, for cost $132.00.


DET. WIKOFF:    Was that May 11, Malaysia for seventy two minutes and it cost $132


MISOOK NOWLIN:  $162, (not sure of amount) she send to text together with sixty dollar.  They usually have to check whose there.  I mean, I don’t do it either, usually customer call me, then I---


DET. WIKOFF:    You just give it. Let’s go back to the other night.  You guys go out to the car. Talk for a minute.  He leaves. Your following because you’re both going in same direction. His car is smoking.  His car is smoking what’s wrong with your muffler? He say it’s not the muffler


No why you follow me?


DET. WIKOFF:    Let me finish. He goes, why you following me.  You say you’re your muffler why don’t you fix it?  You’re home.  You you’re your friends. You go to billiards center.  You come home later.  John Wang leaves. One friend stays a little while longer.  Then she leaves. And your brother calls you. You go to sleep. You (WZ sneezes) call again at seven o clock in the morning.  You never wake---




DET. WIKOFF:    You never went…looked through the windows?


DET. WIKOFF:    You never drove your car past his house?


DET. WIKOFF:    You never drove around the back of a….or anything?


DET. WIKOFF:    Once you left him, you never seen him again until yesterday morning?


DET. WIKOFF:    Until you found out what had happened?


DET. WIKOFF:    Okay. Can you just hold on for a minute? Me and him got to go out and talk  because you’ve been in here a long time, and I’ve got a check on a couple of things.  I’ll come back in and ask a couple more questions…


(Sounds that are similar to a cash register ringing, shuffling noises)

DET. WIKOFF:    Don’t smoke.

MISOOK NOWLIN:  I am no smoking. (laughs)




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