Motion to Suppress – Jul 2012

Judge grants motion to suppress in murder case

By: Paul Morello | 2 weeks ago
Misook Wang, inset, is accused of killing her mother-in-law last September. (Inset Photo Courtesy McLean County Sheriff’s Department)

BLOOMINGTON – A McLean County judge has granted a motion to suppress statements that accused killer Misook Wang made in an interrogation last fall.

Judge Robert Freitag’s ruling Friday comes after Wang’s attorney, Brian McEldowney, claimed she wasn’t granted her right to an attorney during the 13-hour long investigation at the Bloomington Police Department in September.

“The judge found that early on in the interview process, approximately an hour and a half into the interview, there was a clear, unambiguous invocation of her right to counsel and her right to remain silent,” McEldowney said.

During a hearing on the motion in May, McLean County Assistant State’s Attorney Bill Workman claimed Wang, 46, started the interrogation by not being specific about her requests for an attorney, and then once she made an “unequivocal” request, the detective complied.

However, the defense claimed despite Wang’s requests for a lawyer, the interrogation continued.

“We’re just examining (the ruling) at this time to see what our possible next steps will be,” Workman said.

According to the ruling, all of Wang’s statements made before the clear invocation of her right to counsel are still usable by the prosecution.

“I think there was nothing that was said during that period of time that is going to be of much use in terms of prosecuting this defendant,” McEldowney said.

Bloomington Police said Wang, during the interrogation, eventually revealed her culpability in the murder of her mother-in-law, Wenlan Tyda.

McEldowney expects a trial date to be set at a scheduled status hearing on Aug. 2.

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