Bloomington Murder Suspect Seeks Suppression Request

Bloomington Murder Suspect Seeks Suppression Request

By: Bob Larson

Updated: May 30, 2012


A Bloomington woman, accused of strangling her mother in law to death last year, sought to suppress a statement she allegedly made to police. The judge Wednesday took the motion under advisement. 45 year old Misook Nowlin, also known as Misook Wang, is charged with three counts of murder and concealing the homicide of Wenlan Tyda of Crest Hill. Police say Nowlin paid a local restaurant worker to call her mother in law and ask her to come from Chicago to Bloomington for work. Authorities claim Nowlin strangled Tyda at Nowlin's busines, Kim's Sewing Shop and buried the the body in a Will County wildlife preserve. Police say Nowlin was angry with her mother in law for interfering in her troubled marriage. Nowlin is being held on a million dollar bond and will be back in court July 5th.



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  1. A true story of injustice of an old friend who filmed many of our Next Step performances, Gary and I are working on a new colboration and there will be a free Bart McNeil Track. Here is the start of it.

    Free Bart McNeil by Bart Cannon 6/6/12

    This isn’t the story of the Hurricane,
    But it’s still an innocent man left with the blame,
    Justice served isn’t a game!
    So let’s free Bart,
    If not it’s a shame!
    A very gentle and peaceful man,
    Who loved his daughter please understand.
    This is about a man who got a raw deal,
    This is the story of Bart McNeil.
    15 years served won’t be given back,
    But God’s justice should be stacked.
    Against the villain who did the crime,
    Not the man who did the time!
    Sorrow story will never show,
    The misery Bart McNeil knows.

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