May 30th 2012 Pretrial Hearing of Misook Nowlin Wang

Next May 30th 2012 Wednesday will be a pretrial Hearing for Misook Nowlin scheduled at 9:00 AM in Room 4 B of the McLean Circuit Court.


Appearance        Chr Information
Case Number 2011CF000800 for MISOOK NOWLIN, born on October 28, 1965







Motion to Supress May 30 2012 09:00AM 4B Scheduled

Please plan to attend as Bart’s family will be present and that we firmly believe that Misook, a leading suspect in Christina McNeil’s murder of 13 years ago, for which Bart McNeil her father was wrongfully convicted, was the true murderess. Bart, just like Alan Beaman also of McLean County before him, was disbarred to present any evidence at his trial regarding Misook Nowlin due to a Motion of Limine that McLean County Prosecutors put into place. This motion in effect convicted Bart on account he was in the apartment Christina was murdered that night. Despite all the overwhelming evidence that showed Misook to have the motive and means in which to have murdered Christina that night. Bart’s case caught the attention of the legal team at the Illinois Innocence Project of Springfield Illinois that has now taken him on as their client.

And that the Prosecutors and Defense Attorney’s at Misook’s current murder trial plan to present arguments surrounding a Defense Motion to Suppress Misook’s former confession made to Bloomington Police regarding the murder of her estranged husband’s mother Ms. Wenlan “Linda” Tyda of Cresthill, Illinois. Other important newsworthy information may be presented additionally at this PreTrial.

If you have any questions or wish to schedule an interview with Bart from Menard Prison or any of his family members please let us know. Thank you in advance for your support in reporting on this important case and the growing correlation between these two heinous crimes.   Sincerely, Team Bart.

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