Bart Transfer from Menard

Hello all
I just received a brief phone call from Barton.  He said that with virtually no notice, that he was going to be moved tomorrow to the Pinckneyville Correctional Center.  This location is about a 45 minute drive northeast from the Menard Penitentiary he has been located for the past decade and a half that is located along the Mississippi river.  It doesn’t appear that drive-time-wise that it is any closer to Bloomington however.  It might be a little closer to Indianapolis however but not much.
The good news is that unlike Menard, a prison built int he 1800s, this prison was built in the 1990s, and is classified as a Medium Security Prison versus Menard which is a Maximum Security prison.  It has about half the prison population (2,000 inmates versus 4,000).
More can be learned at:
At this time Bart does not know if he will have e-mail access or phone access.  As we obtain new contact information will be sure to let everyone know and will update the contacts page on
I will view this for the time being as a good sign for things to come.  Please keep Bart in your prayers and thoughts for when you can.
With best regards, Chris

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