Pretrial Apr 6 2012 for Misook Nowlin Wang

A media request to attend the second pre-trial of Misook Nowlin Wang, Friday April 6th at 9AM in McLean County Courthouse, Room 4B.

Friends and family of Barton McNeil will again be attending this important pre-trial hearing of the murder of Wenlan “Linda” Tyda Wang, in protest of the wrongful conviction of Misook’s estranged boyfriend in 1998, Barton McNeil, who was accused of the death of his three year old daughter, Christina McNeil. The family and Bart have maintained for the past 13 years that Misook was complicit in his daughter’s death, and that this recent murder of her mother-in-law has a similar modus operandi. How coincidental could it be that she has recently premeditated a murder under a similar condition, i.e., revenge against her husband, Don Wang, when he also threatened to terminate their relationship? We feel there is a bizarre story behind these two deaths, and the Downstate Illinois Innocence Project that has taken Bart’s case will be uncovering more of the hidden pieces in the months ahead. We ask that media be available to learn the facts of the Tyda murder, including evidence that will link her to premeditation and possibly an accomplice that remains uncharged.

Interestingly at the same time and courtroom location, Nathanial Nowlin, extradited from California to face interstate drug trafficking charges, will also be present at that time in a separate pretrial hearing on a drug ring between California and Illinois. Is it coincidental also that the criminals associated with this enterprise, have any connection to Misook Nowlin? We are speculating, but curious if any of this plays out with the numerous wigs, cell phones, and other electronics devices discovered in Misook’s Sewing Business where the murder of Wenlan Tyda is said to have taken place, as well as Misook’s car and personal residence.