Bart’s new address

Barton McNeil K-75924


It will be necessary to change contact information for Bart, such as emails and donations. You can set up videos, emails, and credit for phone calls. He lives on a small allowance provided by his family for everyday necessities. It would be very much appreciated by his family for any donations to his welfare.  Moving to Pinckneyville is a good sign that he is now going to live in a medium secure facility rather than the maximum facility. We are steps closer to the Innocence Project final appeal for his freedom.


Business Mail:
5835 State Route 154
Pinckneyville, IL 62274

Inmate Mail:
Inmate Name & IDOC#
5835 State Route 154​
Pinckneyville, IL 62274 

Phone: (618) 357-9722
Fax: (618) 357-2083


Bart Transfer from Menard

Hello all
I just received a brief phone call from Barton.  He said that with virtually no notice, that he was going to be moved tomorrow to the Pinckneyville Correctional Center.  This location is about a 45 minute drive northeast from the Menard Penitentiary he has been located for the past decade and a half that is located along the Mississippi river.  It doesn't appear that drive-time-wise that it is any closer to Bloomington however.  It might be a little closer to Indianapolis however but not much.
The good news is that unlike Menard, a prison built int he 1800s, this prison was built in the 1990s, and is classified as a Medium Security Prison versus Menard which is a Maximum Security prison.  It has about half the prison population (2,000 inmates versus 4,000).
More can be learned at:
At this time Bart does not know if he will have e-mail access or phone access.  As we obtain new contact information will be sure to let everyone know and will update the contacts page on
I will view this for the time being as a good sign for things to come.  Please keep Bart in your prayers and thoughts for when you can.
With best regards, Chris



Podcast Series 6 Misook


Contact Barton McNeil

We value your comments and suggestions.  If you have any information regarding the night of June 14 1998 or leading up to that fateful event please forward tips or sensitive information to any of the families and friends listed below.  This information will be directed to the appropriate legal or law enforcement entity that we are working with.


Barton Monroe McNeil K-75924

PO Box 1000

Menard Correctional Facility

Menard IL 62259


TV Show “Deadly Women” OXYGEN, Snapped Sept 15

The true crime saga of Misook Nowlin, former girlfriend of Barton McNeil, will be airing on Oxygen channel Sept 15. There is no mention of this case tying into the McNeil murder case ( (Facebook/freebart) but when it becomes public knowledge and Bart is exonerated or retried this will become explosive. We are convinced of her guilt in the murder of Bart's daughter 16 years ago. This episode is the third production detailing the Misook Nowlin murder of Linda Tyda. Alas no mention of Barton's tie-in to the case tsk tsk. They did use a person that portrayed Misook who does seem to look like her though. And another actress to play Linda Tyda. Larry Tyda is featured, as is Edith Lunny and Assistant State's Prosecutor Kevin Sandborn who helped prosecute the case. As I have a TV cable subscription, I was able to log in and watch the following show for free.
Regrettably my Direct TV is in Mexico with no account that allows me to watch this.


Comments on “Death by Prison article

Pantagraph article

With new legal team, convicted killer

 no longer wants 'death by prison'

Edith Brady-Lunny

Jul 30, 2017

Top of Form

Bottom of Form

BLOOMINGTON — A dozen years into a 100-year sentence for killing his daughter, Bart McNeil had lost contact with the world and given up any hope that his conviction would be reversed, despite his repeated claims that police ignored evidence pointing to another suspect — his former girlfriend, Misook Nowlin, who was later convicted of murdering her mother-in-law.(Read article for complete information)

Comment by Jeanne Ross:  In all likelihood McNeil’s estranged girlfriend, Misook Nowlin/Misook Wang is an outright serial killer. Photos accompanying the article, however, are misleading.  Barton McNeil is seen hunched over and in handcuffs.  Under protest, Barton had to wear a waist chain to which his hands were cuffed, severely limiting his movement,

Typically restraints are used only on inmates housed in the disciplinary segregation unit.  Instead, Barton resides in a low-aggression cell house in the prison’s general population.  Barton has had no disciplinary “tickets” in over eight years, nor has he ever had a violence-related “ticket” in his near two decades behind bars.  Moreover, Barton’s official IDOC aggression-level classification has always been at the lowest it can possibly be given the length of his sentence.

Wholly unwarranted for other reasons, the restraints worn by Bart were due solely to an on-going prison-wide lockdown during the course of the filmed interview, at a time when ALL inmates would’ve been restrained as such.

The above article’s optics is in stark conflict with Bart’s character, his prison record, and his genuine innocence.  As one closely associated to Bart and his exoneration efforts, I can assure the reader of these facts.




Barton McNeil Interview Pantagraph Jul 2017


In September Oxygen "Snapped" series will be repeating the case of Misook Nolan Wang. When this murder ocurred, Misook murdering her mother-in-law in a fit of revenge, anger, and monetary greed, it was evident to us that she had also something to do with the earlier murder of her ex-boyfriend's three year old daughter twenty years prior.
You can watch this on Amazon I think.