TV Show featuring Misook Nowlin on “Snapped” and “Deadly Women” on Oxygen Network

The true crime saga of Misook Nowlin, former girlfriend of Barton McNeil, has aired on several television shows.  A new show series called “Behind Bars” will be airing a new piece on Misook Nowlin now serving her 55-year sentence during the 2nd Quarter of 2021.  Misook has agreed to be interviewed on camera for this … Read more

2014 August 28 News Article – McNeil Family Celebrates Small Victory With DNA Approval

CENTRAL ILLINOIS PROUD BLOOMINGTON – A team, working to free a Bloomington man serving a long prison sentence for the alleged murder of his daughter is celebrating a small victory. Earlier this month, the Illinois Innocence Project held a hearing in McLean County to bring new evidence into play for Barton McNeil. At the hearing, … Read more

2014 August 1 News Article – McNeil Defense Pushes For New DNA Testing

McNeil Defense Pushes For New DNA Testing 08/01/2014 10:25 PM BLOOMINGTON – About 15 years ago, Bloomington resident Barton McNeil was convicted of murdering his three-year-old daughter in June of 1998, but all along he’s maintained his innocence. A defense asked a judge to consider some new evidence that they believe could make McNeil a … Read more

July 31, 2014 News Article – Convicted Child Killer Maintains Innocence

Convicted child killer maintains innocence, says new evidence could prove ex-girlfriend guilty By WEEK Reporter July 31, 2014 Updated Aug 1, 2014 at 10:49 AM CDT MENARD, Ill. –June of 1999 Bloomington man Barton McNeil was convicted of killing his 3-year-old daughter Christina McNeil. For years McNeil firmly believed his ex-girlfriend Misook Nowlin committed the … Read more

2014 August News Article – Inmate argues for DNA tests to clear murder charges August 02, 2014 7:00 am • Edith Brady-Lunny Bart McNeil waves to family and friends as he attends a hearing to answer his request for DNA testing of evidence collected from the scene of his daughter Christina’s murder in 1999. BLOOMINGTON — Lawyers for a man serving life in prison for the 1998 … Read more

911 Calls Transcript from Bart McNeil

9-1-1 PHONE CALLS The following is a gripping and emotional transcript of the various phone calls beginning with Bart’s 7:40 a.m. phone call to 9-1-1 as soon as he discovered his daughter’s lifeless body in her bed.  That is then followed later that same afternoon once Bart became the very first person to believe his … Read more

2014 February 26 – State agrees to some DNA testing in 1998 murder case

February 26, 2014 4:45 pm  • Edith Brady-Lunny BLOOMINGTON — Lawyers for a Bloomington man convicted in 1999 of killing his daughter said Wednesday they will expand their request for DNA testing of evidence they believe will point to the child’s real killer: a woman serving 55 years for killing her mother-in-law in 2012. Barton McNeil is serving 100 years for … Read more

1998 June 17 – Misook Nowlin Transcript of Videotaped Police Interview

Bloomington Police Department Interview Date of Interview:    June 17, 1998 (Bart is arrested later in the day before a thorough investigation of Misook Nowlin even can begin) Interview with Misook Kim Nowlin Interviewed by Detective Wikoff with Detective Michael Burns taking notes. ______________________________________ DET. WIKOFF:  This is Mike.  He’s another detective.  While you and I … Read more